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VEVirtual Environment(s)
VEValue Engineering
VEVirtual Enterprise
VEVictory in Europe (World War II)
VEVersion Editor
VEVernal Equinox
VEVocational Expert (expert witness)
VEVehicle Engineering
VEValues and Ethics (college course)
VEVersaEmerge (band)
VEVoluntary Euthanasia
VEValue Edition
VEVelocity Engine (band)
VEVerbo Encarnado (Argentina)
VEVolumetric Efficiency (internal combustion engines)
VEVacuum Extraction (medicine)
VEAir Evacuation Squadron (US Navy)
VEV-Ego (Coke music)
VEValence Electron
VEVocational Evaluation
VEVelocity Error
VEVenezia - Venice (Veneto, Italy)
VEVaginal Examination
VEVessel Examiner
VEVisible Emission
VEVessel Examination
VEVital Exhaustion
VEVisual English
VEVideoEgg, Inc.
VEVisual Emissions
VEVesicular Exanthema
VEVeteranus (Latin: Veteran, epigraphy)
VEEquivalent Airspeed
VEVitae Essentia (gaming guild, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes)
VEVoucher Examiner
VEVenom Extract
VEVotre Eminence (French: Your Eminence)
VEVertical Elutriators
VEVirtual Eugene (Oregon)
VEVentricular Ectopia
VEVisalia Electric Railroad Company
VEPulmonary Ventilation During Exercise
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Aside from the new AireLink 60 Value Edition introduction, and an industry leading feature set and price point, what has made our AireLink Series successful is the unparalleled technical support before and after the sale, which is achieved by our support personnel and engineers being co-located in our certified ISO 9001 San Diego, California factory and headquarters," said John Taylor, vice president of sales for LightPointe.
This makes the AireLink 60 Value Edition ideal for enterprises such as hospitals, schools, universities, businesses, and government agencies to connect buildings up to a mile away, while benefiting from fast ROI over wired alternatives and leased lines.
The Model 520s running i5/OS Value Edition come in two flavors.
The 500/30 CPW variant of the Model 520 Value Edition configuration supports two partitions, with one of them being i5/OS.
The back cover of the S4 Value Edition is also comparatively different from the original S4.
available immediately in two configurations: a value edition targeted for
Likewise CWPF also showed keen interest in livestock and dairy development including value edition dairy related commodities (inclusive of milk processing) and improving the genetics of cattle herd for obtaining higher lactation in milk and beef breed animals.
In fact, a new version of the last iteration of the Galaxy series called the Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition has been launched, albeit in a very quiet manner.
Auto Business News-January 9, 2014--Volkswagen launches new Jetta TDI Value Edition in US