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VPPVoluntary Protection Program (OSHA)
VPPVolume Purchasing Program (various companies)
VPPVehicle Purchase Protection (eBay Motors)
VPPVehicle Purchase Program (various companies)
VPPVoltage Peak to Peak
VPPVideo Post Processing
VPPVehicle Protection Plan (various companies)
VPPVirtual Pivot Point (mountain bike rear suspension)
VPPVelocity Prediction Program (to predict sail boat performance)
VPPVirtual Presence Post (low but formal level of US diplomatic engagement)
VPPVirtual Power Plant (energy production)
VPPVolumetric Production Payment
VPPViolence Prevention Program
VPPVirtual Presence Protocol
VPPValue Pricing Pilot (program; US DOT)
VPPViscous Plastic Processing (ceramics)
VPPVisitor Parking Pass (Washington, DC)
VPPVolts Peak to Peak
VPPVehicle Program Planning
VPPValiant Petroleum PLC (various locations)
VPPVirtual Product Presentation (software)
VPPVirtual Performance Parts (gaming)
VPPVillage Phone Program (Bangladesh)
VPPVXI Plug & Play
VPPVegetable Protein Product
VPPVictim Protection Program (various locations)
VPPVisual Passage Planner
VPPValuable Preselling Proposition (internet marketing)
VPPValue Payable Post (India & Pakistan)
VPPPhotographic Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
VPPVacaville Psychiatric Program (California, USA)
VPPVariable Pay Program (bonus program)
VPPVice President for Programming
VPPVermont Professional Photographers
VPPVoluntary Prevention Program
VPPVoltage Point to Point
VPPPatrol Squadron (Photographic) (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
VPPVariable Pitch Propellor
VPPValue Predictability Pattern
VPPValue Print Pricing
VPPVolume Pricing Plan
VPPVertical Pinpoint
VPPViolence Protection Program
VPPVertigo Performance Products (toy car manufacturers)
VPPVendor Performance Program
VPPVirtual Path Partitioning
VPPVirtual Pokemon Pet (gaming)
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Topics covered during the Summit included, the Value Pricing Pilot Program, ANA's Presidential Endorsement Process, Nurse Staffing resources, the Leadership Executive Council Executive Committee (LCEC) Candidate Profile document, and the Leadership Council Operating Guidelines.
Membership dues are currently at an all-time low due to the Value Pricing Pilot we are currently conducting.
The grants are part of FHWA's Value Pricing Pilot Program to fund the study of new pricing methods.
The only data collected and transmitted is the mileage, sent to the gas pump reader through a radio frequency that can only travel about three to four feet." But as a requirement of the Federal Highway Administration's Value Pricing Pilot Program--from which Oregon is getting most of the funding for this project--the state is also testing the ability to distinguish miles traveled in congested areas during congested times.
Under that law, state and local agencies can apply tolls to interstate highways only if they qualify as a pilot project under the Federal Highway Administration's Value Pricing Pilot Program, which was created to provide funding for innovative pilot programs (lasting three or fewer years) to reduce highway congestion.
The pricing projects mentioned in Samuel's article, some of them supported by the Federal Highway Administration's Value Pricing Pilot Program, are showing that travelers want the improvements in service that road pricing can bring and are willing to pay for them.
"The SmartRide dynamic rideshare value pricing pilot project has been incredibly insightful, showing us how travel behavior can be changed through the proper balance of mobile application technology and pricing incentives," says Kent Epperson, director of traffic solutions for the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments.
Currently, States are implementing direct user charges on an ad hoc basis, although the Federal Value Pricing Pilot Program has encouraged a number of areas to investigate different types of pricing options.
Under the Value Pricing Pilot Program, Oregon plans to test a mileage-based highway financing method that would replace the fuel tax if implemented.
Department of Transportation's Value Pricing Pilot Program encourages the use of value pricing in the form of new tolls on existing toll-free facilities (such as HOT lanes), variable tolls on new lanes, variable tolls on toll facilities, and usage-based vehicle charges.
Congress established the Value Pricing Pilot Program in 1998 under the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA21).
Under the Value Pricing Pilot Program for fiscal year 2002, FHWA approved seven projects in States with existing projects and five projects in two States that are newcomers to the program.