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V4MValue for Money
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is looking for an experienced consultant to review our cross-organisational approach to value for money.
Prisons and road schemes have tended to demonstrate value for money, but for schools and hospitals the results are much less impressive.
Speaking at the High Level Dialogue on Value for Money, Sustainability and Accountability in the Health Sector that was held in July 2012 in Tunisia, William Ngimwa, Tanzanian Minister of Finance, said : "Sustainable and accountable investments in health will add value for money and will greatly improve the quality of our lives, our people and our countries.
David Olney, the Deputy Chief Executive of Defence Estates, said: "In these financially challenging times, we are looking to suppliers to deliver value for money.
THE BBC must do more to ensure value for money when bidding for sports rights, its governing body said yesterday.
The assessment looked at things like the way the council manages its budget, deals with financial risks and provides value for money.
The number of passengers who think their train ticket offers value for money has sunk to an all-time low, a survey from a customer group reveals today.
Nothing in this country is value for money, sad but true, not even our policing - R McDowal, Maybole.
Government plans to modernise London's crumbling Underground system came under fire yesterday after an independent report warned they represented poor value for money and could jeopardise passenger safety.
Moving forward, URCS would like to better understanding the whether its DRR work offers value for money (VFM).
We asked friends Lilah Mason and Lisa Gardiner-Davies to try out some of those costumes on the market with their children to find out if you are getting good value for money.
FEWER than one in five authorities responsible for setting police spending priorities are well-prepared and able to ensure value for money for their forces in the wake of the Government's spending cuts, inspectors said today.