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VNMVietnam (ISO Country code)
VNMVoice Network Module
VNMValue of Non-Originating Material (trade)
VNMVerlag Neuer Merkur (German: New Mercury Publishing)
VNMVancouver New Music
VNMVon Neumann Machine (computing)
VNMVoice Network Management
VNMVirginia New Majority
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Sample Regional Value Content Calculation Description Dollar Value A Value of Originating Materials (VOM) $6,500 B Value of Non-originating Materials (VNM) $12,000 C Total Unit Product Costs (A+B) $18,500 D Selling, General, and Administrative $7,000 Expenses (SG&A) E Total Unit Cost before Profit (C+D) $25,500 F Profit (10%) $2,550 G Adjusted Value (E+F, equals Customs $28,050 value less international freight) RVC by Build-Down Method (G-B)/G 57.2% H Profits and excluded costs (SG&A) (F+D) $9,550 J Net Cost (NC, adjusted value less profit $18,500 and excluded costs) (G-H) RVC by Net Cost Method (J-B)/J 35.1% Foreign content by ex-works method (B/G) (a) 42.8% Source: CRS calculations based on approximate percentages provided by the American Automobile Policy Council (AAPC).
Originating materials may also include the costs of insurance, packing, transportation, duties and taxes (other than those waived or recoverable), and costs for waist and spoilage (see KORUS FTA Article 6.4) VNM is the value of non-originating materials, other than indirect materials, acquired or used by the producer in the production of the good.