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VOOVirgin Olive Oil
VOOVehicle Operations Officer
VOOVessel of Opportunity (US Navy rescue ship)
VOOVeba Oil Operations (now Harouge Oil Operations; Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya)
VOOVoice of Organization
VOOValue of Ownership
VOOVoyage of the Odyssey (Ocean Alliance; Lincoln, MA)
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The increase in the total value of ownership is especially pronounced since the end of the financial crisis.
Stephen Brobst, chief technology officer, Teradata Corporation, conducted an engaging session on "Best Practices in Enterprise Information Management," and on "The (R)evolution from Business Intelligence to Consumer Intelligence." He said, "leading edge organizations are deploying consumer intelligence applications, putting further requirements on the data warehouse." He further explained best practices architecture principles, which if employed, could drastically increase value of ownership in an organization's information environment.
The figures are based on the assumption that the buyer and renter never move, but trading up the housing ladder for both groups would increase the relative value of ownership over renting.
Granting shares without payment may create a sense of entitlement toward ownership among employees and will fail to communicate the full value of ownership. Distributing shares through a carefully structured incentive plan can be effective, but a longer period of transition may be required depending upon the size of the incentives.
The most critical cost factor in deploying an FTTx network is civil works for passive infrastructure; however, this can be reduced by offering innovative solutions like air blown fiber, and making the total value of ownership of a fiber network huge for the operators on the long run.
All else constant, if the owner holds the team into perpetuity after the RDA depreciation period ends, the value of ownership is larger than it would be without the RDA.
The corporate CU has unveiled a new "Value of Ownership" section on its website at www.secorp.org/valueofownership.aspx, which features video testimonials from existing members.
We help maximise our clients existing IT investments and contribute to the business justification that demonstrates the 'Total Value of Ownership' to their stakeholders.
When a car collector buys a car he or she loves, enjoys contemplating, and appreciates driving, the value of ownership is set by the owner, and it continues to provide dividends without interruption.
The NCOIL draft authors also accepted the life insurers' suggestion that the definition of a life settlement contract should include "the transfer for compensation, or value of ownership, or beneficial interest in a trust or other entity that owns such policy if the trust or other entity was formed or availed of for the principal purpose of acquiring one or more life insurance contracts."
Aker Invest was established in 2005 to invest in, develop and realise the value of ownership interests and companies not integral to Aker Group's core activities.
The value of ownership relates to how much quality, salable paper each square foot of machine clothing produces.