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VOOVirgin Olive Oil
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VOOVessel of Opportunity (US Navy rescue ship)
VOOVeba Oil Operations (now Harouge Oil Operations; Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya)
VOOVoice of Organization
VOOValue of Ownership
VOOVoyage of the Odyssey (Ocean Alliance; Lincoln, MA)
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Part 8 Determination of the market value of ownership rights of land to update the fees for perpetual usufruct of land located within the Bolewicko gm.
The value of ownership relates to how much quality, salable paper each square foot of machine clothing produces.
The ERP vendor said that its PeopleSoft Advantage framework is designed to provide maximum value of ownership throughout the PeopleSoft systems lifecycle, including planning, implementation, production, and enhancement.
Seaman had brought the ownership a total of three back-up deals at this same price, representing the value of ownership providing constant upkeep to their property in general, and particularly all the way through the time of sale.
He and the other board members saw the value of ownership.
Aker Invest was established in 2005 to invest in, develop, and realise the value of ownership interests and companies not integral to Aker Group's core activities.
Part 2 Determine the market value of ownership of land objective determination of fees for perpetual usufruct of land located within Sliwno gm.
The object of the procedure is to select a contractor, which will be concluded a framework agreement on services consisting in the execution of about 800 appraisal (it is estimated that among the listed property will beReal estate is 95% undeveloped, 5% built, including 50% of plotswith the components of plant and construction) specifying the following: the value of ownership, perpetual usufruct and limited property rights (if they have been established on the property), in order to determine the compensation for the property expropriated or seized by law for the investment of public purpose or determining the value of the damage caused by limit the use of the property.