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VAMVictoria and Albert Museum (UK)
VAMVisual Arts Museum (various locations)
VAMVulnerability Assessment and Monitoring (World Food Program; UN)
VAMVendor Account Manager
VAMVpn Acceleration Module
VAMVirtual Appliance Marketplace
VAMVinyl Acetate Monomer
VAMVesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae
VAMVentilation Air Methane
VAMVirginia Association of Museums
VAMVitt Ariskt Motstånd (Swedish: White Aryan Resistance)
VAMVitt Ariskt Motstånd (Sweden)
VAMVerwertungsgesellschaft für Audiovisuelle Medien (Vienna, Austria)
VAMVictor Advanced Media (Japan)
VAMVulnerability Assessment and Mapping (UN)
VAMVice Admiral Malta (US Navy)
VAMVirtual Appliance Marketplace (VMware)
VAMVirtual Access Method
VAMVoluntary Action Manchester
VAMValue-Added Module
VAMVane Adjustment Machine (turbine motors)
VAMVan Allen and Mallis (coin quality rating)
VAMValue Added Manufacturing
VAMVelocita Ascensionale Media (Italian: average climbing speed)
VAMValue-Added Measure
VAMVuil Afvoer Maatschappij (Dutch waste disposal company)
VAMVapour Absorption Machine (India)
VAMVegetable, Animal, Mineral (hair tonic)
VAMVideo Area Manager
VAMMigraine Associated Vertigo
VAMVibration Acoustical Monitoring
VAMVPN Accelerated Module (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
VAMVacuum Advance Mechanism
VAMVenice Arts Mecca (California)
VAMVehicle Allocation Matrix
VAMAttack Squadron, Medium
VAMVista Asset Management (military logistics system)
VAMValue Approximation Method (baseball statistical analysis)
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16) Though researchers' collective understanding of value-added measures has evolved over time, the overall picture demonstrates that these are important metrics that can be used in policy settings with a realistic expectation to affect student outcomes.
For Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3, a value-added measure of 101 means that, on average, each of the school's pupils made one term's more progress between KS2 and KS3 (between ages 11 and 14) than the median for pupils with similar previous results at KS2.
Second, many Texas stakeholders believed that TEA's effort to produce a value-added measure for TPPs would be quickly followed by an effort to produce a value-added measure for individual teachers.
It is not possible to calculate value-added measures for many teachers in our sample, including teachers in grade 2 or below, most teachers in grades 10 or above, and any teacher in a noncore subject.
Penelope Penn-Howard, Sandwell's head of school improvement, said she was encouraged by the new value-added measure that showed how much pupils had improved while in primary education.
First, we calculate a value-added measure of effectiveness that combines data from all available years and both subjects (averaging math and reading).
However, setting cutoff points for the value-added measure will require substantial thought, because there is no natural cutoff point that represents acceptable performance.
The secondary school in Greenmoor Road, Nuneaton, has the town's highest value-added measure in the GCSE tables.
Our analyses indicate that novice teachers with less than 3 years of experience have a lower value-added measure by 1.
incorporates a schoolwide value-added measure, a gauge of how much the teacher participates in and contributes to the larger school community, and measures of student growth on instruments other than standardized tests.
We find that teachers who perform better on our value-added measure also receive more parent requests, even after controlling for the student satisfaction measure from the principal surveys.