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VHVan Halen
VHVery High
VHVan Helsing (movie)
VHVirtual Hospital
VHVampire Hunter (movie)
VHVertical Horizon (band)
VHVisible Human (National Library of Medicine)
VHVoyage Home (Star Trek Movie)
VHVirtual Host (Apache webserver)
VHViolet Hold (World of Warcraft)
VHVista Hermosa (Guatemala real estate developers)
VHVaginal Hysterectomy
VHHorizontal Velocity (maximum air velocity in level flight)
VHAmbulance Plane (US Navy)
VHVladimir Horowitz (classical pianist)
VHVapor Heated (chemical processing)
VHVery Humorous
VHVenus Hum (band)
VHVirtual Hug
VHVIP Helicopter (prefix used to describe US presidential helicopters)
VHVandal Hearts (gaming)
VHVisual Hallucination
VHVote Health (Oakland, CA)
VHNavy Rescue Squadron (US Navy)
VHVertical Transmit, Horizontal Receive (antenna polarization)
VHVentilation Haute (French: High-Level Ventilator)
VHVehicle Heading
VHVacuum Hohlraum
VHValve House
VH[not an acronym] prefix to Australian registered civil aircraft
VHNavy Air-Sea Rescue Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1930s to 1940s)
VHVentilation Heterogeneity
VHVirtuts Homòlogues (Catalan band)
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This mixture expands into the valve house, inducing another larger pressure drop, and finally flows through the outlet pipe into the downstream line.
The small structures on the disc of these two safety valves prevent the fluid directly flowing from the ring gap between the disc and seat into the valve house but lead the flow through the meander gap between the disc and seat.
Obstruction is built in the 8 mm wide valve house to simulate the meander gap between the disc and seat.
The calculation model is divided into six subprocedures: (1) critical flow through the gap between the disc and seat, (2) injection expansion flow from the gap into the valve house, (3) vapor-liquid two-phase pipe flow in inlet, outlet, and downstream pipe, (4) vapor-solid two-phase flow in outlet and downstream pipe, (5) sudden expansion pipe flow, and (6) sudden contraction flow.
The injection process from the gap into the valve house is calculated by assuming homogeneous isentropic expansion because the sudden expansion from the small gap between the disc and seat into the larger volume of the valve house happens very rapidly, and the fluid has no chance to exchange heat and mass with the surrounding fluid.
and the specific enthalpy of the fluid in the valve house,
An application filed with FERC in June 2004 shows plans for construction of a 9-foot-diameter steel pipeline stretching 350 feet from the reservoir through the dam's north abutment; power and valve houses; a concrete-lined channel; and a 15-kilovolt underground transmission line.