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VAMPIRVeille Air-Mer Panoramique Infrarouge (French infrared search and track system)
VAMPIRVisualization and Analysis of Message Passing Interface Resources
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Based on Heinrich August Ossenfelder's 1748 poem, "The Vampire" ("Der Vampir") and, more importantly, on Goethe's "The Bride of Corinth," Hepp then turns to the breaking down of binaries and the introduction of the vampire of intrinsic hybridity in literary adaptations.
Antoine Augustin Calmet (1672-1757), the Benedictine monk better known as Dom Calmet, wrote in his very influential Traite sur les apparitions des esprits et sur les vampires ou les revenans de Hongrie, de Moravie, &C / Treaty on the Apparitions of Spirits and Vampires, or Ghosts of Hungary, Moravia, & C (written in 1746, published in 1751):
THE STORY SO FAR THE first thing to understand about the world of Twilight is that humans, vampires and werewolves all live together in the normal world - but humans have no idea these dangerous beings walk among them.
The presence of such a monster occurs worldwide, in cultures as far apart as China, Nigeria and Native American tribal folklore, says Tom, who has spent years researching his newbook, Vampires.
Among the warning systems is the Sagem Vampir MB infrared search and track (IRST) system.
Yet clinical trials of DSPA for acute stoke are reportedly underway in Europe--where perhaps some vampir es might be willing to donate saliva.
Equally, Adolf Muschg's spirited essayistic plea for the 'Vampir als Versucher der Literaturwissenschaft' deserves a special mention: it advocates an exploration of the taboos inscribed in literary texts: that is, their zones of silence(s).
vampire German Vampir,from Serbo-Croatian vampir, alteration of earlier upir
But if Vampir is to be understood as an allegory, who is its Count Dracula?