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VHVan Halen
VHVery High
VHVan Helsing (movie)
VHVirtual Hospital
VHVampire Hunter (movie)
VHVertical Horizon (band)
VHVisible Human (National Library of Medicine)
VHVoyage Home (Star Trek Movie)
VHVirtual Host (Apache webserver)
VHViolet Hold (World of Warcraft)
VHVista Hermosa (Guatemala real estate developers)
VHVaginal Hysterectomy
VHHorizontal Velocity (maximum air velocity in level flight)
VHAmbulance Plane (US Navy)
VHVladimir Horowitz (classical pianist)
VHVapor Heated (chemical processing)
VHVery Humorous
VHVenus Hum (band)
VHVirtual Hug
VHVIP Helicopter (prefix used to describe US presidential helicopters)
VHVandal Hearts (gaming)
VHVisual Hallucination
VHVote Health (Oakland, CA)
VHNavy Rescue Squadron (US Navy)
VHVertical Transmit, Horizontal Receive (antenna polarization)
VHVentilation Haute (French: High-Level Ventilator)
VHVehicle Heading
VHVacuum Hohlraum
VHValve House
VH[not an acronym] prefix to Australian registered civil aircraft
VHNavy Air-Sea Rescue Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1930s to 1940s)
VHVentilation Heterogeneity
VHVirtuts Homòlogues (Catalan band)
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Guillermo (Harvey Guillen), the frustrated wannabe-vampire and human familiar of Nandor (Kayan Novak) discovered that he is related to van Helsing, the vampire hunter from Dracula.
Hamilton's Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series, empowering or fetishizing: Wonder Woman takes the Bechdel Test, fighting and feminist expression: the Argent family and the limits of female agency in Teen Wolf, the problematic fan-girl: Cassandra Clare's gendered revisions in the Mortal Instruments Series, and the urban fantasy classroom.
Written especially for young adults ages 8-12, Etty Steele Vampire Hunter is about a vampire hunter girl who has unfortunately lost her powers.
The festivities are interrupted by vampire hunter Rookery (Jim Carter) and his apprentice Maney (Joseph Kloska).
As she starts her investigation, she discovers the lawyer is probably a werewolf, her husband is cheating on her, a vampire hunter is trying to kill her and the assassin she is looking for is trying to take her out before she can discover the assassin's identity.
Created by novelist and award-wining comic book writer Dan Abnett and dramatically drawn by Tom Mandrake, "Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter" features the rebirth of one of the most iconic and much loved characters from Hammer Comic and Titan Comics.
It features Trevor Belmont of the Belmont vampire hunter clan, the magic user Sypha Belnades, and Dracula's son Alucard as the main characters of the story.
Vampire hunter and father of twins, Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis), will appear in Season 4, episode 8 of "The Originals," according to (http://tvline.com/2016/11/17/the-originals-crossover-season-4-spoilers-alaric-vampire-diaries/) TVLine .
And this latest effort from writer Seth Graham-Smith, who gave us Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012), should come with its own biohazard warning.
The Mummy is one of the many remakes planned by Universal Pictures as an effort to create an interconnected universe for their classic monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, the Bride of Frankenstein, and vampire hunter Van Helsing.
An ancient prophecy declared that the orphaned son of a great vampire hunter would return from the dead and either lead vampires into the light--or destroy them.
ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER 9.00pm, Film4 A young man destined to become one of America's greatest presidents witnesses his mother being killed by a vampire, and devotes his life to battling the undead and later discovers the bloodsuckers are the real power behind the Confederacy.