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VDKVisual Development Kit
VDKVisualization Deployment Kit
VDKVisual Dynamic Keyboard
VDKVideo Network Development Kit
VDKVisual Dsp Kernel
VDKVolksbund Deutsche Kriegsgraeberfuersorge (German: German War Graves Agency; Germany)
VDKVan de Kamp's (food brand)
VDKVisualDSP++ Kernel (ADI)
VDKVersicherung Der Kraftfahrt (German: The Motor Insurance)
VDKVibration Dampener Kits (Vantec Thermal Technologies)
VDKVlaamse Diergeneeskundige Kring (Dutch: Flemish Veterinary Circle)
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8 320 17 7 Fillets Van de Kamp's Beer Battered Fish 3.
And I can tell you that Peter van de Kamp's "discoveries" of extrasolar planets at Sproul Observatory electrified my friends, my family, and me, and made our entire community proud.
BASED PINNACLE FOODS GROUP has reformulated its Van de Kamp's and Mrs.
Instead he's arguing that Van de Kamp's negligence came not in the prosecution of a case (Van de Kamp didn't prosecute Goldstein) but in improperly supervising his subordinates, allowing and encouraging them to use witnesses he should have known weren't reliable.
Not to be overlooked is Peter van de Kamp's affectionate appreciation of his co-editor, Jeffares, who sadly never saw the fruits of their combined labors.
DESPERATE Housewife Bree Van De Kamp's murdered husband is returning to the show - but don't panic, they're not doing an it-was-all-a-dream storyline.
Van de Kamp's priority is now Alloa and he is determined to put the shutters up against his former employers.
Paul's and Van de Kamp's sell baked fish sticks that can get good and crunchy without deep-fat frying.
Louis, Missouri, USA, has launched a blue wave and a green checkerboard tablecloth, respectively, in packaging for its Van de Kamp's and Mrs.
Former Rovers hero Steve Crawford didn't mess about as he planted the penalty into Van De Kamp's bottom left-hand corner.
On July 3 the court of appeals denied Van de Kamp's motion for a rehearing, but eight days later granted him a 30-day stay in order to file an appeal with the Supreme Court.