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In general, the variables stomatal conductance, net photosynthesis, transpiration, water use efficiency, minimum leaf water potential and photosynthetic active radiation (Figures 3A-D, F and H) were higher in the rainy season, while those for the maximum leaf water potential (Figure 3E) and vapor pressure deficit (Figure 3G) in the atmosphere were similar between seasons.
The impact of different atmospheric vapor pressure deficit (VPD) on the relations between CWSI and soil moisture contents is still unknown.
A and B) Air average temperature (T) and air relative humidity (RH); (C and D) wind speed (WS) and saturation vapor pressure deficit (VPD); (E and F) global solar radiation (Rg) and rain (Prp).
Mean values of temperature and relative air humidity during the tests for the different vapor pressure deficit (VPD) treatments VPD Mean air Mean relative (hPa) temperature ([degrees]C) air humidity (%) 7 22.
Ling, Greenhouse Condensation Control- Understanding and Using Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)- AEX-804- The Ohio state University
The aim of this study was to generate a new tool to compute water balance using the 3-PG model to improve the transpiration process with respect to stomatal control, which is regulated through variations in air temperature, vapor pressure deficit and energy balance, and to enhance the treatment of energy balance with respect to variations in solar energy according to the face of exposure and slope of the terrain.
Abbreviations: C, rate of dry-matter production per unit ground area; D vapor pressure deficit of the air; e, radiation-use efficiency; [e.
In order to calculate the vapor pressure deficit (VPD) in each stand, the temperature was measured with a linearized thermistor and the relative humidity was measured with a capacitive sensor (Skye, Delta-T Devices).
In all natural environments with a relative humidity less than 100%, as in our apparatus, this leads to lower vapor pressure deficits (lower drying power of the air) in cooler microhabitats (Fritschen and Gay, 1979); the calculated vapor pressure deficit ranged from 19 g/[m.
The average maximum and minimum air temperature, besides vapor pressure deficit for the period of 10 a.