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VAVirginia (US postal abbreviation)
VADepartment of Veterans Affairs (US)
VAVirtual Assistant
VAVeterans Affairs
VAVirtual Airlines
VAValue Analysis
VAVatican City State (top level domain)
vaVoir Aussi (French: See Also)
VAVirtual Address
VAVoice Actor
VAVanaf (Dutch: From, used in pricing)
VAVulnerability Assessment
VAVoluntary Aided (UK school status)
VAVisual Acuity
VAVolcanic Ash (METAR obscuration)
VAVinyl Acetate
VAVisual Aid
VAValuation Allowance
VAVaginal Atrophy
VAVariable Account
VAVirtual Analog
VAVotre Altesse (French: Your Highness)
VAVertical Angle
VAVertex Array (game programming)
VAVital Area
VAVeterans Agency (UK government)
VAAircraft speed
VAVideo Amplifier
VAVulnerable Area
VAVicar Apostolic
VAVehicle Analysis
VAVelocity Analysis
VAVillous Adenoma
VAViral Arthritis
VAVascular Aging
VAVentricular Atrial
VAVariational Approximation
VAVérification d'Aptitude (Informatique)
VAVisionAIR, Inc (Atlanta, GA public safety software manufacturer)
VAVerbal Area (audio/video chat software)
VAVerkaufsagent (German: Selling Agent; eBay)
VAVisual Accounting
VAVacation Absence
VAVietnamese Airlines
VAVertical Accelerator
VAVulnerability Analyzer (information security)
VAVices Agens (Latin: Acting in Place Of, epigraphy)
VAVictoria and Albert Order (British)
VaMaximum-Design Maneuvering Velocity
VAVentanas Alemanas (Guatemala)
VAVariant Armour (gaming)
VAVermont American, Inc.
VAVixit Annos (Latin: He Lived (insert number) Years, epigraphy)
VAFixed Wing, Heavier Than Air Aircraft, Attack (US Navy)
VAValor Award (Australian police award)
VAVarious Artists
VAView Askew (gaming, Counter Strike)
VAVisual Arts
VAValidation Authority (digital certificates)
VAVeterans Administration (now Department of Veterans Affairs)
VAVariable Annuity
VAValue Added
VAVibration Analysis
VAVice Admiral
VAViterbi Algorithm
VAVickers-Armstrong (British gun manufacturer)
VAVarese (Lombardia, Italy)
VAViscosity Agent (concrete)
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Varese briefly discusses the role that democratization plays in the success of criminal transplantation.
This brings me back to the "seemingly endless round of |Well, I hear it this way' and Cwell, I hear it that way,'" (The Music of Edgard Varese, 128; "Varese Bound," 248 and 251; "Cracked Octaves," 278-79), because I think that it defines the Kuhnian divide.
SoadrawattheStadio Franco Ossola tonight would mean Varese have to win the away legin Veronatogothrough.
But the collection is historically impeccable--with key works by Messiaen, Varese, and Stockhausen alongside oddball pieces that deserve greater recognition, like Louis and Bebe Barron's title track from the 1956 sci-fi film Forbidden Planet and the cartoon composer Raymond Scott's electronic experiments.
Concert by Southwest Chamber Music: Debussy, Takemitsu, Varese and Ravel.
As producer and company vice president at Varese Sarabande Records in California, he oversees the small but influential label's much-lauded theatrical releases.
Jonathan Bernard's analytical study, The Music of Edgard Varese,[1] promises that "the set of theoretical constructs developed here and used as a basis for extensive analysis of the oeuvre does represent a breakthrough, for it arises directly from those features of Varese's aesthetic and method which most dearly distinguish him from his contemporaries" (xxiv).
SAN FRANCISCO & VARESE, Italy -- Signate, the leading provider of VoIP telephony solutions based on industry standard hardware and open source software, and Loway Research, developer of QueueMetrics, today announced the general availability of QueueMetrics call center monitoring and reporting software version 1.
PADOVA have made a fine start to the Serie B season and can continue the good work by seeing off Varese at the Stadio Franco Ossola, writes Steve Davies.
Coorganized by the Haus der Kunst, Munich, where it is on view through March 18, the artist's first retrospective since 1992-94 will include one of his most radical pieces ever: Varese Wall, 1975, a twenty-four-by-eight-foot freestanding wall not displayed since its creation.
Philharmonic with Esa-Pekka Salonen conducting and music by Stravinsky, Scriabin, Ligeti and Varese, put them together at the Hollywood Bowl, and what do you get?