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VAVirginia (US postal abbreviation)
VADepartment of Veterans Affairs (US)
VAVirtual Assistant
VAVeterans Affairs
VAVirtual Airlines
VAValue Analysis
VAVatican City State (top level domain)
vaVoir Aussi (French: See Also)
VAVirtual Address
VAVoice Actor
VAVanaf (Dutch: From, used in pricing)
VAVulnerability Assessment
VAVoluntary Aided (UK school status)
VAVisual Acuity
VAVolcanic Ash (METAR obscuration)
VAVinyl Acetate
VAVisual Aid
VAValuation Allowance
VAVaginal Atrophy
VAVariable Account
VAVirtual Analog
VAVotre Altesse (French: Your Highness)
VAVertical Angle
VAVertex Array (game programming)
VAVital Area
VAVeterans Agency (UK government)
VAAircraft speed
VAVideo Amplifier
VAVulnerable Area
VAVicar Apostolic
VAVehicle Analysis
VAVelocity Analysis
VAVillous Adenoma
VAViral Arthritis
VAVascular Aging
VAVentricular Atrial
VAVariational Approximation
VAVérification d'Aptitude (Informatique)
VAVisionAIR, Inc (Atlanta, GA public safety software manufacturer)
VAVerbal Area (audio/video chat software)
VAVerkaufsagent (German: Selling Agent; eBay)
VAVisual Accounting
VAVacation Absence
VAVietnamese Airlines
VAVertical Accelerator
VAVulnerability Analyzer (information security)
VAVices Agens (Latin: Acting in Place Of, epigraphy)
VAVictoria and Albert Order (British)
VaMaximum-Design Maneuvering Velocity
VAVentanas Alemanas (Guatemala)
VAVariant Armour (gaming)
VAVermont American, Inc.
VAVixit Annos (Latin: He Lived (insert number) Years, epigraphy)
VAFixed Wing, Heavier Than Air Aircraft, Attack (US Navy)
VAValor Award (Australian police award)
VAVarious Artists
VAView Askew (gaming, Counter Strike)
VAVisual Arts
VAValidation Authority (digital certificates)
VAVeterans Administration (now Department of Veterans Affairs)
VAVariable Annuity
VAValue Added
VAVibration Analysis
VAVice Admiral
VAViterbi Algorithm
VAVickers-Armstrong (British gun manufacturer)
VAVarese (Lombardia, Italy)
VAViscosity Agent (concrete)
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Varese briefly discusses the role that democratization plays in the success of criminal transplantation.
The early songs considered here employ techniques of percussive rhythm, sound masses and non-serial atonality that Jolivet learned from Varese.
Dipartimento di Biologia Molecolare, Sezione di Microbiologia, Universita di Siena, Siena, Italy; ([dagger]) Laboratorio di Microbiologia, Ospedale di Circolo e Universita dell'Insubria, Varese, Italy; and ([double dagger]) Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Biomediche, Universita di L'Aquila, L'Aquila, Italy
Implementing agency : Azienda Ospedaliera [beaucoup moins que]Ospedale di Circolo e Fondazione Macchi[beaucoup plus grand que] di Varese
SoadrawattheStadio Franco Ossola tonight would mean Varese have to win the away legin Veronatogothrough.
00pm) Coverage of the men's under-23s timetrial at the Road World Championships in Varese, Italy, the first of six races to take place this week.
As part of the Cornerstone Festival, Psappha played a series of works by three composers: Varese, Stravinsky and Zappa.
Fuller and Moog were Americans of a particular era and ethos, symbols of their country's postwar reverence for technology while intellectually engaged with the fallout of European modernism (for Fuller, the International Style; for Moog, Varese, Stockhausen, and Xenakis).
Little Me * Broadway revival cast, with Martin Short and Faith Prince * Varese Sarabande
Varese showed that one can successfully apply the same compositional procedures used in other mediums in writing for an orchestra composed entirely of percussion instruments.
MRI, set to music of Edgard Varese, is performed on high bars and cargo nets suspended eight feet above the stage.