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VSSVolume Shadow Copy Service
VSSVolume Shadow (Copy) Service (Microsoft)
VSSVisual SourceSafe (Microsoft)
VSSVendor Self Service (various locations)
VSSVital Statistics System (various organizations)
VSSVehicle Speed Sensor
VSSVeronis Suhler Stevenson (investments; various locations)
VSSVisual System Simulator (communications)
VSSVolume Snapshot Service (Microsoft Windows)
VSSVeteran Student Services (various universities)
VSSVirtual Surround System
VSSVirtual School Symposium
VSSVirtual Shared Server
VSSVector Symbol Set
VSSVirus Scan Security Suite
VSSVirtual Speaker Showcase
VSSVirtual Space Simulation
VSSVirtual Schooling Service
VSSVeicolo Sperimentale a Sottosistemi
VSSVulnerability Scanning Service
VSSVirtual Sound Stage
VSSVerifiable Secret Sharing
VSSVirtual Snapshot Service
VSSVirtual Server Service
VSSVirtual Sound Source
VSSVanguard Software Solutions
VSSVirtual Switching Supervisor
VSSVerisign Security Services
VSSVehicle Security System
VSSVisual Source Safe
VSSVirtual Surround Sound
VSSVirtual Switching System
VSSVolatile Suspended Solids
VSSVictim Support Scotland (UK)
VSSVulnerability Scanning Service (various companies)
VSSVirgin Space Ship
VSSVariable Star Section (astronomy)
VSSVoluntary Separation Scheme
VSSVideo Surveillance System
VSSVital Signs Stable
VSSVoting System Standards
VSSVeer Surendra Sai (medical college; Burla, Orissa, India)
VSSVolume of Distribution at Steady State
VSSVan Swieten Society (music; Netherlands)
VSSVirtual Sound System (software)
VSSVariable Structure System
VSSVirtual Schooling Service (Education Queensland; Australia)
VSSVHDL System Simulator
VSSVoice Storage System
VSSVested Security Solutions, LLC (Hackensack, NJ)
VSSVertigo Symptom Scale
VSSVarma Security Systems (India)
VSSVolunteer Stroke Service
VSSVery Simple System
VSSVernon Secondary School
VSSVertical Solid-Shaft (motor)
VSSVulnerable Sector Screening (Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Canada)
VSSVinovka Snaiperskaja Spetsialnaya (sniper rifle)
VSSVery Short Sentence
VSSVariable Stability System
VSSVirusScan Security Suite
VSSVertical Stud Soderberg (aluminium production)
VSSVaughan Secondary School
VSSVirtual Service Switch
VSSVlamis Software Solutions, Inc.
VSSVirtual Server Services (IBM)
VSSVideo Storage System
VSSVintovka Snaiperskaja Spetsialnaya (Russian: Special Sniper Rifle)
VSSVignette Syndication Server
VSSVulnerable System Syndrome (patient safety)
VSSVoice Switching System
VSSVolume Scattering Strength
VSSVendor Supplied Software
VSSVisual Scheduling Systems (classroom scheduling software)
VSSVirtual Service Sets (Trapeze)
VSSVoltage Source Source
VSSVisual Scheduling System (educational program)
VSSVisual Server Side
VSSVideo Signal Simulator
VSSVirtual System Simulator
VSSVirtual Sites Server
VSSVehicle Simulation System
VSSVideo Scanner Switch
VSSVisiting Scholars Scheme (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; National University of Singapore)
VSSVerification Status Signal
VSSValidation System Segment
VSSVehicle Specific Simulator
VSSVoice Server System
VSSVendor Selection System
VSSVoice Signaling System (loud speaker system in LGM25C Titan II Missile System)
VSSVoltage for Substrate & Sources
VSSValue-Based Six Sigma
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The well-known variable star observer, and previous Director of the BAA Variable Star Section, John Ellard Gore (1845-1910) of Dublin, saw it at 23:40 UT.
The Variable Star Section of the ASSA exists for the purpose of encouraging observers and acting as a medium of communication.
A Variable Star section was proposed at the same meeting, but A.W.
There's plenty of information online about objects that pulsate, erupt, or eclipse, at the Web sites of organizations such as the American Association of Variable Star Observers (www.aavso.org) or the Variable Star Section of the British Astronomical Association (www.britastro.org/vss).
2012 January 1 saw a major milestone for the Variable Star Section with the new online database going live.
A former director of the BAA's Variable Star Section, JOHN ISLES looks forward to moving later this year from metropolitan Detroit to the darker skies of Jackson County, Michigan.
Speakers in the morning were Nick Hewitt, 'Barnard, Gordon and the darkness', Paul Curtis, 'Deep Sky imaging and processing using a modified DSLR', and Gary Poyner, with an update on a joint Deep Sky Section and Variable Star Section project to observe RR Tau and its associated variable nebula.
Around 1944 Jones began a lifelong friendship with Frank Bateson, who still directs the RASNZ's Variable Star Section, which he started in 1927.
Markwick was a past President of the Association, and second Director of the Variable Star Section. As an army officer he served in Africa.
On April 28-30 last year the Variable Star Section of the Hungarian Astronomical Association (HAA) and the Hungarian Wing of the International Amateur-Professional Photoelectric Photomerry (IAPPP) group hosted their fifth annual joint meeting in Baja.
Model fitting was performed using the transit-fitting tool on the Exoplanet Transit Database (ETD) provided by the variable star section of the Czech Astronomical Society.
Gary Poyner of Birmingham, England, director of the Variable Star Section of the British Astronomical Association, submitted the eight-millionth observation - an estimate of R Coronae Borealis last April.
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