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VARSValue Added Reseller
VARSVoice Activated Response System (various organizations)
VARSVeterinary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
VARSVehicle Accounting and Reporting System (US Immigration and Naturalization Service)
VARSVertical and Azimuth Reference System
VARSVariant Stem
VARSVisual Analogue Rating Scale
VARSVocational Adaptation Rating Scale (mentally disabled workers)
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When, on the one hand, we see domesticated animals and plants, though often weak and sickly, yet breeding quite freely under confinement; and when, on the other hand, we see individuals, though taken young from a state of nature, perfectly tamed, long-lived, and healthy (of which I could give numerous instances), yet having their reproductive system so seriously affected by unperceived causes as to fail in acting, we need not be surprised at this system, when it does act under confinement, acting not quite regularly, and producing offspring not perfectly like their parents or variable.
The size and shape of the apertures in the sternum are highly variable; so is the degree of divergence and relative size of the two arms of the furcula.
"Oh, sir, I will indeed be worthy of the confidence that you have shown in me!" Her eyes moistened; her variable color came and went; her dress heaved softly over the lovely outline of her bosom.
Their hunting ground was occasionally invaded by the Blackfeet, but the Snakes battled bravely for their domains, and a long and bloody feud existed, with variable success.
They all noticed another change in this variable young person.
For instance, CSI or China stock costs respond emphatically to stuns in money supply showing the positive relationship between both variables as demonstrated by hypothesis which expresses that entrance liquidity will prompt expanding the interest at stock costs over the long haul.
Qualitative variables have a big importance in economy, being associated to a big number of economic processes and phenomena.
Profit forecast are of great importance, because it is an appropriate variables on consumers judgments and decisions making and important factor in the efficiency of capital markets.
This supplement contains documentation on all the derived variables contained in the TEDS-M educator and future teacher data files.
In the above scenarios, we have identified four variable types based on the information flow or alternately identified 4 trust levels types of variables in an application code.
* Share live data with other VIs running on a network using shared variables.
The dependence of the spindle unit evaluation indices on the design variables that describe the physical (computational) model is very complex.