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VTMRVariance To Mean Ratio
VTMRVaractor Tunable Microstrip Resonator
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Hypothesis 1: "Seed distribution hypothesis," if dispersal is at random then the per sub-plot variance to mean ratio of the distribution of seeds is not statistically different from a Poisson process.
Results of the yearly variance to mean ratio for seedlings from 2002 to 2006 show that seedling recruitment and seeding establishment are clumped (Table 1).
TABLE 1 Variance to mean ratio for spatial distribution of seeds, seedlings and sapling of D.
Evidence provided by the low value of the negative binomial parameter 'K' it is varied from 0.05-0.35 and the high values of the variance to mean ratios indicates the over dispersed distribution of the parasite in the host population.
Variance to mean ratio is highest in regions of high asexuality, and is substantially higher than in the case of low genomic mutation rates and inbreeding depression [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1F OMITTED].
All values reported for average number of lethals, inbreeding depression, and variance to mean ratio of recessive lethal mutations, are the values experienced during the sexual generation of the pseudoequilibrium cycles.