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VYVince Young (football quarterback)
VYVelocity along the Y-Axis
VYVelocity Y (Best Rate of Climb - Aviation)
VYVarious Years
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Elementary and Secondary Schools, various years; and Common Core
From the outside it looks like a private home, albeit one with an unusually high wall and unusually spacious garage where limos come directly from the airport, depositing the various years. I give the password, which changes every day (it was 'Eternity' on the day of our interview), and find myself buzzed in to a kind of old-fashioned gentlemen's club, with ornate Victorian furniture and a fireplace in the corner.
Pyrotech Workspace has been an industry leader in control room console design and manufacturing for over various years. The operator console has been designed and engineered for the control room operations.
(6) The data for net Japanese ODA were obtained from the Development Assistance Committee, OECD (various years), while data for normalization and conversion to constant 2005 US dollars figures were drawn from the World Bank (various years).
With Gimonnet, whether you purchase a vintage blanc de blanc (using grapes from a particular year alone) or a blend from various years, you can expect minerality and complexity amid near weightlessness and purity in every glass.
Thinking back to my various years of involvement within the ADAA, many members have contributed not only to my professional development, but to my personal growth as well.
In 2004, TNT's sister network, TBS, took over the marathon which led to ratings records in various years. In 2008, the 8:00 p.m.
To analyse the first of the variables, agricultural prices, the Producers' Price Index for Farm Products offered by the National Bureau of Statistics of China (various years (a)) in its statistical yearbooks has been utilised.
Almost Rs.33 billion were paid under these power projects, which were out of order for the last various years and unable to generate power, the report added.
Salary change is the change in salary for a given superintendent for the relevant time period (1995-97, 1997-99 or 1995-99; collected from the Annual Report of the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, various years).
But the story immediately metamorphoses into something unusual when the text begins fluctuating between various years and various events in recent Chinese -- and sometimes American -- history.
Bernard who had been with us through various years of deliberation in the TBA Board and Jury, has impressed us not only with his knowledge and awareness of our media and development environment but also with his deep empathy and insight into the local conditions of the marginalized.