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VASSVietnamese Academy of Social Sciences
VASSVirginia Association of School Superintendents (Charlottesville, VA)
VASSVictorian Assessment Software System (Australia)
VASSVector Addition System with States
VASSVisual Analysis Support Subsystem
VASSVulnerability Assessment Support System
VASSVariable Angle Sampling Spinning
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Vass said: "We have had a tougher route to the final than New Zealand.
But, rather than send the audience home in sombre mood, Vass sugared the pill with an encore: the nostalgic Pieds-en-l'air from Peter Warlock's Capriol Suite.
My contribution will focus on how new private capital market infrastructures support regional innovation, especially with regard to the brand new source of capital called accredited investor crowdfunding," Vass said.
Sri Lanka parliamentarian de Vass Gunawardena told another truth most of those who are handling Sri Lanka's external affairs would never say: "A common myth that exists is that we haven't addressed accountability," de Vass Gunawardena said, adding that Sri Lanka is studying South Africa's reconciliation effort.
According to Ovum's research, telcos in North America and Asia-Pacific are attempting to grow VAS revenues by creating a range of new VASs.
All these options, Vass says, make the company's robots adept at a wide range of tasks.
Uisdean Vass will work with the oil and gas team in Aberdeen, Richard Cockburn will specialise in offshore wind and oil and gas, Gordon Hobkirk will provide corporate advice, while real estate partner Fraser Leslie will advise rural landowning clients as well as national and international clients in the oil & gas sector.
Attila Ban, 32, who worked at Radisson Edwardian Hotel in London, killed Alice Adams and Tibor Vass last August.
It's about A&E nurse Jane Clough, murdered in July 2010 by her former boyfriend - bodybuilder and paramedic Jonathan Vass.
It focuses on Jane Clough (pictured), a 26-year-old nurse murdered by her boyfriend, Jonathan Vass, while he was on bail awaiting trial for rape.
Summary: Jonathan Vass has been jailed for life and given a minimum of 30 years before parole for murdering his ex-girlfriend Jane Clough.
Jonathan Vass, 30, of Preston, Lancashire, will appear before magistrates in the town tomorrow.