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VTRVideo Tape Recorder
VTRVintage Triumph Register (car enthusiast network)
VTRVampire: the Requiem (gaming)
VTRVirtual Time Rendering
VTRVirtual Topology Reconfiguration
VTRVirtual Team Room
VTRVoice Transmission and Reception
VTRVirtual Treatment Room
VTRVehicule Tres Rapide
VTRVisiting Team Report (various organizations)
VTRVideo Tape Reproducer
VTRValeur Toxicologique de Référence (French: toxicity reference values)
VTRVarmint Tactical Rifle (Remington)
VTRVault Type Room
VTRViolent Tank Rupture
VTRVent Through Roof
VTRVariable Threat Response (gaming)
VTRVariable Takeoff Rating
VTRVoltage Transformer Ratio
VTRVehicle Theft Registration
VTRVehicle, Tracked, Recovery (US Army tracked recovery vehicles)
VTRVermont Railway Incorporated
VTRVehicle, Tank Recovery
VTRVirtual Training Repository (US DARPA program)
VTRVacuum Thin film Rotation Principle
VTRVaractor Tunable Resonator