VBCIVehicule Blinde de Combat d'Infanterie
VBCIVictory Bible Church International (UK)
VBCIVictory Bible Colleges International (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
VBCIValence Bond Configuration Interaction
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The VBCI, which entered service recently and has been deployed to Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, and Mali, and the multirole armored vehicle (vehicle blinde multi-roles, or VBMR) and the EBRC, which are due to enter service by 2020, are heavier than the vehicles they are intended to replace and offer greater protection, including add-on armor kits.
However, before the project was cancelled, Nexter's VBCI seemed to be the lead contender.
V pripade pozemnich sil se mezi prioritami programoveho zakona ocitla napriklad modernizace delostrelectva (samohybne houfnice CAESAR, delostrelecke raketomety), programy dodavky individualnich bojovych kompletu Felin, bitevnich vrtulniku Tigre, obrnenych bojovych vozidel pechoty (VBCI), novych tezkych nakladnich automobilu ci projekt obnovy stavajici flotily transportnich vrtulniku (modernizace vrtulniku typu Cougar, dodavka novych vrtulniku NH90-TTH).
EMC test trends can be viewed as resulting from new initiatives, such as the military's armored combat vehicle VBCI program, or from extensions of existing practices, such as wired or wireless in-building networking.
The vehicles presented by the four selected competitors are the Boxer from ARTEC (Rheinmetall- Krauss-Maffei Wegmann), the VBCI from Nexter, the AMV from Patria and the Piranha 5 from General Dynamics European Land Systems.
Navy Page/Flickr Qatar also agreed to purchase 490 VBCI armored vehicles from French Nexter.
Nexter Systems manufactures a number of weapons, including major combat tank Leclerc and IMX-10 tank as well as the remote mine survey system, armoured infantry combat vehicle (VBCI), the 155mm caesar cannon and LDI 105mm cannon.
It is supported in its mission by 16 Nexter VBCI infantry fighting vehicles and 47 Panhard VBL four-wheel drive tactical vehicles, plus 35 Nexter VAB armoured personnel carriers.
LEFT: Nexter's VBCI, a six-wheeled armoured vehicle, was a front-runner in the competition for the Close Combat Vehicle (CCV).
Ongoing negotiations with GCC countries involve satellites, the Rafale combat Aircraft; Tiger or NH90 helicopters; the air defence systems based on Aster or Mica missles; armored infantry vehicles VBCI or Caesar cannon; the Fremm multi-mission frigate and C4I systems.
A total of 14 new armored infantry vehicles (VBCI) and 74 lighter vehicles were disembarked Friday at the Port of Naqoura by the French Navy ship "Foudre" using amphibious landing crafts.
The VBCI will enter service in the French army in 2008.