VCARViolent Crime in Aid of Racketeering
VCARVlaams Centrum Voor Ambacht En Restauratie (Dutch: Flemish Center for Food and Crafts; Belgium)
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RC vCar is available on the App Store at: http://itunes.
Which is why these cars must be put on the VCAR register like every other write-off in the UK.
Professor Flamen has supported the development of GE PET VCAR, an exceptional multi-modality and multi-exam comparison application to evaluate lesion metabolic activity over time.
PET VCAR has been cleared for use by oncology clinicians to help with the diagnosis, staging, treatment planning, and management of treatment response," explained Kelly Piacsek, PhD, Global Oncology Product Manager, GE Healthcare.
The court heard that an advert for a VW Golf did mention VCAR but did not explicitly state it was an accident damaged insurance write-off, said Mr Jackson.
So the Voyager's clearly had a good old thump and will appear on HPI's VCAR (Vehicle Condition Alert Register).
The 46-year-old former director of the Ford Car Centre, now in liquidation, said the car's history of being a write-off was clear by his use of the acronym VCAR - Vehicle Condition Alert Register.
You can't, because anybody who checks your 323i with HPI should find it on their VCAR (Vehicle Condition Alert Register).
Happily you can't, because anybody who checks your Peugeot with HPI should find that it's on the VCAR (Vehicle Condition Alert Register), which would tell them it's been previously damaged in an accident.
The trader claimed he'd done nothing wrong because he put VCAR in his advert and Greg should have asked what it meant.
The Middlesbrough-based club reached the National Trophy final and VCARS.
The top-flight rookies have climbed to third place in VCARS.