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VMAPVirtual Map
VMAPvia Modular Architecture Platform
VMAPVector Map
VMAPVector Smart Map
VMAPVisual Mapping of Portfolios (software)
VMAPVirginia Medical Assistance Program (Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services)
VMAPVirtual Machine Performance Monitor Analysis Program
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Further analysis of the wind vector maps disclosed new evidence that the inverse energy cascade process supplies the energy that forms and sustains Jupiter's numerous jet streams.
Vector map data reduction can be done by generalization of the spatial data.
Before every picture (three for each of my 15 experiments), we moved the reflector into the desired position, then ensured that the laser sheets were wide and intense enough for the PIV system to detect the necessary amount of smoke particles to produce a coherent velocity vector map.
The results from trend surface analysis are summarized in a velocity vector map (Figure 9).
The locational and attribute data for vector map layers can come from different sources.
One main goal when using a vector map is to have points, lines, or polygons that can be compared to each other.
One note on this particular conversion: When using convert to grid, a grid, based on the cell size requested and sized to fit over the requested extent, is placed on the vector map layer without regard to the features of that map layer.
Lot 1: acquisition of a background raster map and vector map small scale.
Multiplexing Full version of DNA, RNA,protein analysis, vector map design and primer design software.