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The ministerial meeting will also look into the so-called Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology that allows car batteries to actively support and interact with renewables-based power systems.
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In addition, there are some scenarios where vehicles are required to operate in reverse power flow mode, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) mode in which PEVs behave as an electrical energy resource to offer power support and balancing.
In addition, these sessions will also be highlighted by the specific discussion of topics like “Congestion Management for Urban EV Charging Systems,” “Formal Models for Verifying Stealthy Attacks on State Estimation in Power Grids,” “A Control Loop Approach for Integrating The Future Decentralized Power Markets & Grids,” “The Development of a Smart Grid Co-Stimulation Platform & Case Studies on Vehicle-to-Grid Voltage Support Applications,” “Wireless Communication-aided Differential Relay Protection in Smart Grids,” and “Smart Metering Speed Dating, Short-Term Relationships for Improved Privacy.
While its counterpart, vehicle-to-grid (V2G), requires many vehicles to be aggregated to provide a useful amount of power to support the grid, and is also limited by the extent that grid operators are incentivized to develop the market structures and technologies, even a single PEV can be of value to a commercial or residential building.
The research programme will develop new concepts and techniques at the crossroads of high-efficiency building design, electric vehicles and vehicle-to-grid technologies," Mahindra REVA said, according to reports.
Vancouver's GreenTech Exchange chose the company for the GCCA Later Stage Award in May 2011, for its vehicle-to-grid networking solution that leverages the excess battery capacity of electric vehicles, in effect creating a virtual power plant.
However, to enable a full range of charging options and to be able to capture fully the potential of vehicle-to-grid power transfers, a range of charging options up to 50kW was also considered.
Industrial research has been conducted in the last decade on the benefits of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging.
The idea of this vehicle-to-grid system, or V2G, has been around for at least a decade, and mathematicians and economists have been figuring out how V2G could be profitable and energy-efficient.
The annual conference features information about plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, charting station logistics, vehicle-to-grid and grid-to-vehicle interaction, battery technology surges, vision and opportunity for solar, wind and public utilities, fleet applications and regional pilot projects.
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