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VELValecha Engineering Ltd. (est. 1977; India)
VELVoluntary Expenditure Limit (various locations)
VELVirgin Enterprises Limited
VELVisually Effective Lumens (lighting technology)
VELVancouver East Libertarian
VELVehicle Excise License
VELVisual Electrodiagnostic Laboratory
VELVariable Enlistment Legislation
VELVernal, Utah, USA - Vernal Regional Airport
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The initial gastrula is not ciliated, but patches of cilia in the area of the presumptive velum and head vesicle can be seen in scanning electron micrographs of later gastrulas.
dilatata, clearly defined patches of cilia around the mouth, at the ventral anterior (presumptive head vesicle) and ventral posterior (telotroch) areas of the embryo, and lateral to the mouth (presumptive velum) begin to develop.
As the edge of the velum extends laterally from the body wall, the distinct bands of cilia can be observed along its edge in C.
velum. Several experimental approaches were used in testing this hypothesis, which ultimately lead to the development of an assay using PCR for detecting symbionts in host tissues.
Adult Solemya velum greater than 0.7 cm in length were collected from eelgrass beds near Woods Hole, Massachusetts, between September 1992 and October 1993.