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VEMAVirginia Educational Media Association
VEMAVirginia Emergency Management Association (information and support network)
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VEMA is one of the largest fleet management organizations in Manitoba and offers integrated leasing and fleet management solutions to multiple public sector organizations in the province.
ELFE's assets had, according to To Vema, been channeled to a network of Cyprus-registered companies, two of which registered in October 2015 by the lawyers Artemis Artemiou and Lambros Pieri who had strong Akel connections.
This theoretical diversity is reinforced by the literary record of Gaurana's day, which is populated by kingly poets and connoisseurs such as the Sahityacudamani's author, the Reddi king Pedakomati Vema, who proudly claimed a sat-sudra identity.
he VEMA Award is a symbol that embodies the spirit of multimedia excellence and artistry.
Loter is now calling himself His Royal Majesty King Peter Goldishman, the first monarch of Vema Seamount in the south Atlantic.
Foster, Vema. "Suzan-Lori Parks's Staging of the Lincoln Myth in The America Play and Topdog/Underdog." Journal of American Drama and Theatre 17.3 (Fall 2005): 24-35.
For example, in February 2008, a woman working for an education software company was arrested, interrogated, strip-searched, forced to sign and fingerprint confessions of guilt and was told by a judge that she sinned and will go to hell because she set with a male business partner in the family section of a cafe (the only area where women and men can sit together) when the power in their company office failed (Vema, 2008).
In fact, researchers who have investigated spelling among children likely in these beginning stages of spelling development, all observed children's spelling approximations to reflect AAE linguistic structures (Kligman & Cronnell, 1974; Kligman, Cronnell, & Vema, 1972; Kohler et al., 2007; Sullivan, 1971; Terry, 2006).
Deep-sea Amphipoda (Crustacea) collectec by the R/V "Vema" in the eastern Pacific ocean and the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas.
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