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VENVendredi (French: Friday)
VENVenezuela (ISO Country code)
VENVenerdì (Italian: Friday)
VENVietnam Economic News
VENVirtual Enterprise Network
VENVon Economo Neuron (cells)
VENViolent Extremist Network
VENVenetic (linguistics)
VENVermont Ethics Network
VENVillage Ecotourism Network (Bali, Indonesia)
VENVariable Exhaust Nozzle
VENVirginia Education Network
VENVlaamse Ecologische Network (Dutch: Flemish Ecological Network; Belgium)
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But the court accepted van der Ven's plea the killing was not premeditated and the murder charge was dismissed.
Ven. Sunjae has also written several books on temple food including "What are You Eating Now?" She has also given special lectures at France's Le Cordon Bleu, the Culinary Institute of America in the United States and other leading culinary educational institutes.
Ven. Dhammamuninda is currently resident at the Berlin Vihara ( Das Buddhistische Haus) in Berlin - Frohnau, Germany and engages in teaching Sati (mindfulness) and Buddhist doctrine and practice to students of Buddhism.
Commenting on their latest association with Japan's financial giant, Sunshine Holdings Group Managing Director Vish Govindasamy said, "At a time where the investor confidence and sentiment have been greatly affected, SBI Ven Holdings's investment on Sunshine Energy brings in vital foreign direct investments (FDI) to Sri Lanka when it is much needed in the market and the economy.
The senior lecturer and the head of the department of history of the University of Kelaniya Ven. Galkande Dhammananda Thera during a recent interview said the loss we had to face due to the result of 1983 riot.
"She found it hard to make progress because she was overcome with pain and anguish because of the loss of her loved one," Ven. Jigaiya said.
Following the acquisition of METH CPP and during extinction training, animals were randomly divided to receive saline or VEN instead of METH.
He said late Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera, who came forward to set up a Government through a common candidate, never asked a common candidate to loot the Central Bank.
Hans van de Ven of Cambridge University, who worked with Chinese archivists in making these materials available to scholars, has now published a history of this important institution.
Portal konfluensi olusturan superior mezenterik ven ve splenik venin yerine, ana portal vene drene olan sag-tarafli hipertrofiye kollateral venoz yapi izlenmekteydi.
Jasper van de Ven presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the concept of privacy in the context of the search for ambient intelligence, including reasoning, evaluation, and representation methods for systems.