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VRMVendor Relationship Management
VRMVoltage Regulator Module
VRMVirtual Resource Manager (IBM)
VRMVirtual Resource Manager
VRMVirtual Reality Media
VRMVersion Release Modification
VRMVirtual Real Mode
VRMVerification and Reporting Matrix
VRMVariable Rate Mortgage
VRMVendor Resource Management
VRMVisual Resources Management (US DOI)
VRMVirtually Real Motocross (website)
VRMVehicle Registration Mark
VRMVariable Range Marker
VRMVirtual Rights Management (VMware)
VRMVirtual Reference Monitoring (audio technology; Focusrite)
VRMVehicle Relationship Management
VRMVertical Roller Mill
VRMValuation Risk Management (Veros Real Estate Solutions)
VRMVenus Radar Mapper
VRMViscous Remanent Magnetization
VRMValue Reference Model (Value Chain Group)
VRMValley Rescue Mission (Georgia)
VRMVirtual Reality Media (Trencin, Slovakia; est. 1992)
VRMVoice Recognition Module
VRMVirtual Relationship Marketing
VRMVirginia Richmond Mission
VRMVoltage-Regulator Model
VRMVehicular Radio Modem (Motorola)
VRMViet Nam Resident Mission
VRMVersion Release Milestone
VRMVisitor Relation Management
VRMVendor Refill Management (hardware vendor services; New Zealand)
VRMVirgin Raw Materials
VRMVieilles Roues de Monteux (French vintage vehicle club)
VRMVoltage - Reverse Maximum (maximum voltage the diode can block)
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Whether vendor relationship management can be the ground for effective new user-centric business models around data is not yet established--but it is a smart and legitimate way to think about balancing between individuals and vendors in the incoming data deluge.
Currently, five applications comprise the ITM Business Suite: ITM Foundation, ITM Vendor Relationship Management, ITM Project Portfolio Management, ITM Human Capital Management, and ITM Governance and Standards Management--all designed to address the range of a chief information officer's needs, from managing vendors and staff to compliance with federal standards such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002, which requires corporate officers to take responsibility for scrupulous financial reporting.
Property owners searching for a property manager should look for a well-rounded individual with experience in several key areas: leasing, maintenance, vendor relationship management, operations, and budgeting.
An entirely different set of competencies is needed to manage a contractual organization, including contract monitoring, vendor relationship management, and architecture planning.
Therefore, a critical factor in effective expense risk management is vendor relationship management. As risk and insurance managers have learned, the creation of long-term partnerships with providers can greatly mitigate the impact of market changes.
Different application areas for CRM software include marketing, sales for automation, social media, Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) and others.
Rayport, co-author of Best Face Forward: Why Companies Must Improve Their Service Interfaces with Customers, stated that "customer relationship management" might soon take a backseat to "customer-managed relationships"--what many (including the Cluetrain authors) call vendor relationship management, or VRM.
The web-based vendor relationship management system is directed at claim professionals, attorneys, and the claim and legal vendors they retain.
In one of my Publisher's Outlooks entitled, "CRM Cannot Exist Without ERM And VRM," (www.tmcnet.com/articles/ ccsmag/0999/0999pubout.htm) I mentioned that without effective employee relationship management and vendor relationship management, CRM is little more than wishful thinking.
Nevertheless, the insurance and risk management department, along with every other support function, will be evaluated on the basis of analytical methods discussed by the authors: activity-based costing, sourcing alternatives, vendor relationship management (VRM), etc.
3:45pm--Can we expect new models entrusting end users with their personal information, around for instance vendor relationship management initiatives?
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