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VOMVolt-Ohm-Meter (electronic measuring instrument)
VOMVoice of the Martyrs
VOMVoice of the Member (various organizations)
VOMVolunteer of the Month
VOMVendor of the Month (various organizations)
VOMVeil of Maya (band)
VOMValley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School (San Francisco, CA)
VOMVereniging voor Oppervlaktetechnieken van Materialen (Dutch: Association for Surface Material Techniques)
VOMVeterinary Orthopedic Manipulation
VOMValue of Originating Material (trade)
VOMVerification of Mortgage
VOMVoice of Music
VOMVariable Operations and Maintenance
VOMVehicle Order Management
VOMVoice of Management
VOMVehicle Office Mobile
VOMVisitor Operations Manager
VOMVereinigung Osterreichischer Milchverarbeiter (German: Austrian Dairy Association)
VOMVerband Österreichischer Müntenzhändler (Vienna, Austria)
VOMVirtual Operational Missile
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UNLV Libraries decided to develop a "Vendor of the Month" program where various resources for each vendor would be publicized during a specified month.
For the Vendor of the Month events, the UNLV Libraries used a variety of methods for promotion:
* Direct emails to UNLV students, faculty and staff promoting Vendor of the Month activities
* Posting Vendor of the Month activities on the University's web-based Calendar
The Vendor of the Month activities at UNLV Libraries resulted in some interesting and effective ways of promoting electronic materials.
was the Vendor of the Month. In the planning stages, two unique ideas for marketing electronic resources were selected.
Elsevier was the Vendor of the Month for October 2011.
In order to assess the Vendor of the Month program, the UNLV Libraries attempted to use two methods.
In addition, the Collection Management staff plans to look at use statistics for the vendor's electronic resources to see if there was an increase in usage compared with the previous year's numbers for a one, three, and six-month period following the Vendor of the Month activities.
The Vendor of the Month campaign was held throughout the spring and fall semesters of 2011.
Training encouragement for librarians is also needed for them to promote better the resources on the scheduled Vendor of the Month day.
At Borderway Mart, Carlisle, one of 12 markets throughout England and Wales taking part in the new venture, a pounds 50 Eprinex voucher will be presented to the vendor of the month's top price Charolais cross dairy calf.
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