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VENICEVaccine European New Integrated Collaboration Effort
VENICEVirtual Enterprises Nurtured using Intelligent Collaborative Environments
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It is enough that my cherished dreams of Venice have been blighted forever as to the romantic gondola and the gorgeous gondolier; this system of destruction shall go no farther; I will accept the hearse, under protest, and you may fly your flag of truce in peace, but here I register a dark and bloody oath that you shan't sing.
I began to feel that the old Venice of song and story had departed forever.
The only secret of her safety that we could perceive was that Venice contained so many curiosities that were greater than she.
The gondola stopped, the old palace was there; it was a house of the class which in Venice carries even in extreme dilapidation the dignified name.
His son's life was not safe under the Visconti; he fled to Venice, and his name was inscribed on the Golden Book.
I saw Venice and the Adriatic; I saw her ruin in the ruin of the face before me.
And all the wild boys in Venice follow after him mocking him and crying, "His stones, his daughter and his ducats
In the midst of this happiness the runaway couple, Lorenzo and Jessica, arrive from Venice with another of Antonio's friends who brings a letter to Bassanio.
The writer stated that he had recently arrived in Venice.
A doctor had latterly been called in to his lordship--an Italian doctor, long resident in Venice.
No privateers ever came, though I once had notice from Turin that the Florida had been sighted off Ancona; and I had nearly four years of nearly uninterrupted leisure at Venice, which I meant to employ in reading all Italian literature, and writing a history of the republic.
She has a lover, who has followed her, first all the way from Switzerland, and then all the way from Venice, and who has just confided to me that he means to follow her everywhere.