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VER.DIVereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (German United Services Labor Union)
VER.DIVereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (German Service Union)
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Talks between Ver.di and the employers' group representing security operators will start again on Jan.
Ver.di is pressing employers to boost wages by 250 euros ($290) a month and to bring wages in the former East Germany to levels on a par with those in the West over a two-year period.
Ryanair has announced it has signed a Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) framework and Social Plan with German cabin crew union, Ver.di, to cover all of Ryanair's Germany based cabin crew, the company said.
When in December 2012 the Ver.Di representatives in Leipzig called on the management of Amazon's local center to open negotiations on wage rates and an improvement of working conditions, especially for temporary workers who are badly exploited at Amazon, management refused on the grounds that employees should be "thinking about their customers" and not about their own selfish interests.
The ver.di trade union announced the one-day "warning strike" - a tactic commonly used by German unions to raise pressure in wage talks - on Friday.
The ver.di trade union in Germany announced the "warning strike" on Friday.
Unite union representatives left today to meet sister union Ver.di and the Austrian graphical union.
5 December 2011 - Deutsche Postbank AG (ETR:DPB) could trim its staff by 1,500 by the close of 2012 following its takeover of Deutsche Bank AG (ETR:DBK), a representative of trade union Ver.di said as quoted by Wirtschaftswoche at the weekend.
In July 2000, ver.di, Germany's service-sector union, began picketing 30 of Wal-Mart's stores in a campaign to compel the chain to join the employers who recognized the agreements, resulting in a spate of bad publicity which damaged its image in Germany.
The pay settlements concluded with the pilotsEoACAO union, Vereinigung Cockpit, and ver.di mean that ground staff and cockpit crews made an essential contribution.EoACA[yen] Although the Passenger Airline Group posted an operating profit for the second quarter, the business segment ended the first six months with a significant operating loss of 342 million euros, of which -203 million euros were accounted for by Lufthansa Passenger Airlines.
Trade union Ver.di said it was not willing to make more compromises, after having agreed to give up holiday pays.