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VIQVariation in Quantity
VIQVerbal IQ
VIQVirtualized Input Queue
VIQVolunteer and Information Quinte (Ontario, Canada)
VIQVery Important Question
VIQValue Innovation Quotient
VIQValues Identification Questionnaire
VIQVessel Inspection Questionnaire
VIQVocal Intelligence Quotient (acupuncture)
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There were no statistically significant differences in the Verbal IQ, Performance IQand Full Scale IQ between the Parents of children with ASD and normal controls.
Traffic density at cognitive testing predicted lower verbal IQ in minimally adjusted models (-1.
Variables Mean F T Mean CI 95% difference Verbal IQ Patient 107 0.
There were no significant between (2009) group differences in verbal IQ and verbal comprehension index scores.
Table 1 gives each participant's age; gender; Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence Full Scale IQ (FSIQ), Verbal IQ (VIQ), and Performance IQ (PIQ); and scores on three indices of severity of autistic symptoms, from the Childhood Autism Rating Scale, the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale, and the Gilliam Asperger Disorder Scale.
Verbal IQ tests ensured that students recruited for the study demonstrated highly comparable intelligence.
Boosts in verbal IQ came along with denser gray matter in the left motor cortex, a part of the brain that's involved in speaking.
Children who had been exclusively formula fed, however, scored significantly higher on measures of Verbal IQ and FullScale IQ as well as on a memory test that measured the learning of word-pairs, if they had received the supplemented formula.
The NART was originally standardised against the WAIS and more recently the WAIS R to provide regression equations which predict Full Scale IQ (FSIQ), Performance IQ (PIQ) and Verbal IQ (VIQ; Nelson & Willison, 1991).
Children for whom breastmilk or DHA-fortified formula was the main method of feeding throughout the first six months had higher mean full-scale and verbal IQ scores than those fed mainly unfortified formula.
If a study reported the effect of performance or nonverbal IQ, verbal IQ, full scale IQ, or a measure of vocabulary or another measure used as a proxy for IQ, the effect was recorded.
Individuals with a higher level of verbal intelligence are faster and more effective in processing the meaning of the information than those with a lower verbal IQ.