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VOVery Old (cognac aged at least 4.5 years)
VOVoice Over (TV scriptwriting term)
VOVirtual Organization
VOVirtual Observatory
VOVirtual Office
VOVéhicule d'Occasion (French: Used Vehicle)
VOVor Ort (German: locally)
VOVecchio Ordinamento (Italian: Old Curriculum Requirements)
VOVersion Originale
VOVery Optimistic
VOValve Opening
VOVolatile Organic
VOObservation Plane (US Navy)
VOVelocity Obstacle (robotics)
VOShuttle Operations (US NASA)
VOVisa Officer (various nations)
VOVegan Outreach
VOObservation Squadron
VOVehicle Operations
VOVoice Only
VOVerbal Order
VOValidation Office (US DoD)
VOVictorian Order (British decoration for personal service to the sovereign)
VOVariation Order
VOVertical Opening
VODirectie Voortgezet Onderwijs (Dutch)
VOVillage Officers (India)
VONavy Battleship Observation Squadron (US Navy)
VOVerifying Official
VOValue Optimization
VOVoluntary Opening
VOValence Orbital
VOVerifying Officer
VOVendor Order
VONavy Observation Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1920s to 1970s)
VOSpotting Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in 1922)
VOVision Operator
VOVisitors and Observers
VOVisual Opening (graphics)
VOVotoms Online (gaming)
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The order read further that, "Therefore, the verbal order announced in the Court is recalled and this case is fixed for hearing before an appropriate bench as the case management plan for Feb 8, 2018.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court ( LHC) on Wednesday recalled its verbal orders of putting temporary ban on hunting of houbara bustard.
To minimize, if not eliminate risks associated with verbal orders, both the prescriber and person receiving the verbal order should spell the name of the drug using a phonic alphabet (e.
The restrictions of verbal orders may be less restrictive in areas of the hospital, where professionals often function as a team.
Bunch did not give a verbal order for the Cefotan to be administered.
The order sheet tracks who gave the verbal order, who received it, and who signed it.
Represented the nursing perspective on the legislation on verbal orders that extended the length of time for a prescribing practitioner to sign a verbal order from 72 hours to 30 days after discharge and obtained a "sunset" in six years (two cycles of JCAHO reviews) for it to be evaluated again.
The decision was made on the grounds there had been a verbal order to not allow outside people in the building.
Contractor was given a verbal order of no trespassing and told not to call the person or charges would be made.
The Supreme Court ruling came through a brief verbal order issued by a three-judge bench led by Justice Musa Leghari.
We take the clerk's verbal order, but there will be no order definitively for weeks," George said.
In a situation in which an advanced practice nurse signed a verbal order for a patient s/he did not know, the board might reasonably ask how the advanced practice nurse determined that the ordered medication/ treatment was safe or appropriate for that patient.