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VPVice President
VPVoluntad Popular (Venezuelan political party)
VPVideo Poker
VPVice Principal
VPVacant Possession (housing construction)
VPVideo Phone (product)
VPVollpension (German: full board)
VPVideo Processor
VPVilla Park (Orange County, California)
VPVarious Places
VPVacuum Pump
VPValor Points (gaming)
VPVapor Pressure
VPVerb Phrase
VPVirtual Programming
VPVolkspartei (People's political party)
VPVillage People (disco artist)
VPVanden Plas (British Leyland luxury car)
VPVariable Pressure
VPVirtual Path
VPValue Partners
VPVoice Processing
VPVariable Pitch
VPVictory Point
VPValkyrie Profile (video game)
VPVent Pipe
VPVillage Pump
VPViral Protein
VPVentura Publisher
VPVertebrate Paleontology
VPVeterans Preference
VPVirtual Printing (computing)
VPVariegate Porphyria
VPVital Point
VPVelocity Pressure
VPVintage Port
VPVelocity Profile
VPVendor Profile
VPViral Particle
VPVocal Percussion (musical technique)
VPVector Processor
VPVolts Peak (Tektronix)
VPVirtual Process
VPVirtual Prototype
VPVertical Polarization
VPValidation Phase
VPVerification Plan
VPVoice Privacy
VPVillage Pantry (convenience store)
VPVulnerable Point
VPVentricular Peritoneal
VPVet Pet
VPVulvar Pain
VPVoluntary Principles
VPVideo Projecteur
VPViewing Point (UK)
VPVeeshan's Peak (Everquest 2 computer game)
VPVapor Permeability
VPVeritable Plethora
VPVendor Pay
VPVector Program
VPVariable Portfolio
VPVirtual Personalities
VPValidation Prototype
VPVoiding Pressure
VPVenezuela Project (Venezuela)
VPVerbal Prompt (early education)
VPVojna Policija (Croatian: Military Police)
VPVanuaaku Party (Our Land Party, Vanuatu)
VPVolontaire du Progrès (French: Volunteers for Progress)
VPVoice Procedure (radio communications)
VPVisitor Protection (National Park Service; designates armed park ranger position)
VPPlatform Velocity
VPVita Patris (Latin: in Father's Lifetime)
VPVapautus Palveluksesta (Finnish: relieved from service)
VPVirtual Packet
VPViet Pride
VPVenereal Pamphlet (US Navy)
VPVertical Planning
VPSeaplane Patrol Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in 1922)
VPFixed Wing Patrol Squadron
VPVenta a Plazos
VPValerio Polverini (Italy graphic design agency)
VPVariance Propagation
VPVisibility Period
VPViewer's Pick
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When Pedro exhibited agitation, the experimenter stood behind his shoulder, paused the timer, and provided a verbal prompt to be "calm" to earn his reinforcer.
In an experiment aimed to encourage drivers and passengers to fasten their seatbelts, hotel valet parking attendants delivered a verbal prompt, "Be safe; please don't forget to put on your seatbelt." This increased the number of those who wore their seatbelt by 82.8 percent compared to the control group.
If the agent detects drowsiness, it might provide a verbal prompt in the cabin suggesting that the driver pull over for coffee or navigate the car to a coffee shop.
At the same time, the therapist used a verbal prompt "Stop, Look at your page, Focus on the first word ...
In addition, we changed the procedures used in the previous study in three major ways, by increasing the size of each word or symbol set from three highly motivating words to 7 to 10 braille or Nemeth Code contractions; by changing mastery criterion from 83.3% over 3 sessions to 100% accuracy for a single session; and by changing the controlling prompt from a physical and verbal prompt, which included pointing out 2 salient tactile features of a word, to a verbal prompt, which only consisted of stating the correct word or symbol.
"If Rashid is asked to identify a dog, I might say, aACAyDuh', a partial verbal prompt, for him to say, aACAyDog'."
During the session, John was taught self-mediated verbal prompts to ask questions in a diplomatic style and to self-reinforce for following through on his verbal prompt (12).
In the first trial the experimenter provided an immediate prompt, "(name of item)." After the first trial the verbal prompt was delayed 3 s followed by a prompt "(name of item)." If John gave a correct response (with or without a prompt) John received both verbal praise (e.g., "Good job, you want the (name of the item") and access to the item for 10 s.
In the Montessori program, the only other coded category accounting for more than .10 of the total behavior observed was Verbal Prompt, which includes asking questions or giving directions to children.
After a straight-through read-aloud, we provided a verbal prompt to guide the children in their drawing activity.
* at least one verbal prompt to eat (e.g., "Wouldn't you like more peas, Mrs.
If the child wrote something other than the correct letters or did not respond, the teacher or teaching assistant provided the following prompts in the order provided until the child had correctly written all letters needed: a verbal prompt (e.g., "Write your H," or "The next letter is A."), a written model of the letter, hand-over-hand assistance.