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VfGHVerfassungsgerichtshof (Austrian Supreme Constitutional Court)
VFGHValley Forge General Hospital
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Rather, it derived from a work by the renowned jurist, Georg Jellinek, who in 1885 published a brief essay eloquently titled Verfassungsgerichtshof fur Osterreich (A Constitutional Court for Austria) in which he called for a Verfassungsgerichtshof (constitutional court) to enforce the division of competences between the Center and the Laender (regions) in the western half of the Empire (Cisleithania) -which he judged to be utterly insufficient and unclear- and, primarily, to defend the Constitution from potential excesses and transgressions committed by the parties or parliamentary organ (Jellinek, 1885: 8 ss).
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Verfassungsgerichtshof [VfGH] [constitutional court], Sept.