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VBRVertebral Body Replacement
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VBRVerducci Breakaway Racing (bicycling)
VBRVinnell-Brown and Root (Turkey)
VBRVery Best Regards
VBRvariable bore ram (oil drilling)
VBRViolation of the Basic Rule (Oregon traffic division)
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Market size for Spinal Surgery market categories - Spinal Fusion, Spinal Non-Fusion, Vertebral Body Replacement Systems, Minimal Invasive Spinal Devices and Vertebral Compression Fracture Repair Devices.
The NuVasive X-Core Mini Cervical Expandable VBR System (X-Core Mini VBR) is a vertebral body replacement device indicated for use in the cervical spine (C3-C7 vertebral bodies) in skeletally mature patients to replace a diseased or damaged vertebral body caused by tumor, fracture or osteomyelitis, in addition to the reconstruction following a corpectomy to achieve decompression of the spinal cord and neural tissues in cervical degenerative disorders, according to a company news release.
Currently, the titanium mesh cage is a common option for vertebral body replacement hardware after anterior decompression and corpectomy.
This growth primarily was a result of increased sales of implant products, including ICON minimally invasive pedicle screw systems, Unity Anterior Lumbar Plating Systems, Pillar, Construx and Construx Mini vertebral body replacement devices and Ascent cervical fixation systems, the company said.