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VIVirgin Islands (US postal abbreviation)
VIVicenza (Veneto, Italy)
VISee Below (from Latin: Vide Infra)
VIVictoria (Australia)
VIVancouver Island (Canada)
VIVisual Inspection
VIVoltage Current
VIVisual Impairment
VIVisual Information
VIVested Interest
VIVillage Inn (restaurant)
VIVijay Iyer (Indian musician)
VIVirtual Instrument
VIVolume Index (compression)
VIViscosity Index
VIVolcanic Island
VIVolume Indicator
VIVillage Idiot
VIVisual Interface
VIVisual Editor (Unix text editor)
VIVirtual Interface
VIVendor Information
VIVoluntary Initiative (UK)
VIVibration Institute
VIVictoria Institution (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
VIVashon Island (Washington)
VIVision Interface
VIVegetation Index
VIVide Infra (Latin)
VIVerb Intransitive
VIVentriculo Izquierdo (Spanish: Left Ventricle)
VIVulnerability Index (human welfare assessment)
VIVertical Interval
VIVehicle Integration
VIVariable Investment
VIVerant Interactive (video game company)
VIVeterans Industries
VIVariability Index
VIVolontaire International (French: International Volunteer)
VIVertical Incidence
VIInternal Velocity
VIValid Interrupt
VIValidity Interval
VIVerification Infrastructure
VIVoluntary Indefinite (military term of service category)
VIVinegar Institute
VIVector Identifier
VIVulpine Imperium (online club)
VIViolent Ideation
VIVent Isolation
VIVermiculite Institute
VIVoices Intact
VIVala Industries (Portugal)
VIHeading to A Course Intercept
VIVoiceband Information
VICritical Engine Failure Velocity (takeoff decision speed)
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It should be noted that at vertical incidence, such as during the Noreaster flight, the corrected [V.
Vertical incidence occurs which makes incidence and refraction angle equal to zero degree.
Validation of a method for ionospheric electron density reconstruction by means of vertical incidence data during quiet and storm periods, Annals of Geophysics, V.
It is also the height obtained by vertical incidence sounders, since the time delay of the actual path of the signal is nearly the same as the apparent path of the signal, provided that the ionosphere at the apex of the apparent path is treated as a plane mirror.
v] is the equivalent vertical incidence frequency and [Phi.
By the time the Germans invaded Poland (1939) Guderian had long worked out the techniques of Near Vertical Incidence Sky-wave HF radio communications and how to use FuG-10 HF radios, both monopole and loop antennas, surface wave radio propagation and the reflective properties of the ionosphere (NVIS) to communicate over huge areas when halted, on-the-move, or in the air.
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