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VPOSVertical Position
VPOSVirtual Point of Sale
VPOSVirtual Point of Service
VPOSVirtual Point-Of-Sale
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The vertical position of the wind turbine rotor relative to cooling tower exhaust fan plane can be adjusted from the two rotor shaft bearings by means of sliding mechanism designed especially for this purpose.
The Peak 90DSC is connected directly above the long assembly in the horizontal position and provides a hinge or pivot when being raised to the vertical position.
2001) the vertical position during labor promotes the abatement of pang and acceleration of cervical dilatation, decreasing the duration of the first period of labor.
Gap distance was dependent on vertical position to a 4-inch top inside bark as the top log needed to be at least this size for mechanical property specimens.
The treatment tank includes an inlet, an outlet arranged at a position upper than a vertical position of the inlet, and at least one, preferably plural air diffuser pipes for intermittently feeding oxygen-containing gas into the organically-polluted water in the treatment tank.
Many castings have gating configurations that require a wedge tool to be used only in a vertical position.
The servo-powered stroke system provides crash protection and is hand-wheel-controlled for quick setting of vertical position.
A major finding is that the EMG activity of all right muscles, despite their functional and anatomical diversity, was minimized not only at the initial, vertical position, but also in the reversal phase of movement when the moving leg was maximally deviated from the vertical position.
Approach Systems has approach-plate software for portable computers that displays both lateral and vertical position on the plate as you fly .
Optional accessories include a desktop docking station that holds the display in a vertical position, a USB keyboard and a USB optical mouse.
Examination of the wreckage revealed that the airplane's fuel selector was positioned in the vertical position, between the left and right positions.
The unique Safety Gate EX3 is constructed from extruded polyvinylchloride (PVC) and has a counterbalance system to help keep the gate in raised vertical position or in the closed horizontal position.