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VERTREPSVertical Replenishments (US Navy)
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Affectionately called "Team Readiness," these divisions also provide hands-on support during ship evolutions to include underway replenishments and vertical replenishments, during which the ship receives an average of 200 pallets, carrying food and logistical supplies via helicopter where they are transferred from the ship's flight deck to their respective storage spaces throughout the ship.
Evolutions like Replenishment at Sea, a light line transfer at +/- 40m off the Starboard beam and the SAAF Lynx helicopter conducting helicopter controlled landings on board the BNS Amazonas, various of vertical replenishments on both vessels and M3M gun firing from the SAAF Lynx helicopter completed the days services.
A CH-46 Seaknight helicopter practices vertical replenishments as it approaches the flight deck of USS Peleliu (LHA 5) before sunset in the Indian Ocean.
"This actually helps us have more food on board, so we're not doing a lot of vertical replenishments and alongside connected-replenishments," said Petty Officer 1st Class Naomi Jackson, culinary specialist.
"The MH-60R can perform satellite communications as well as vertical replenishments, antisubmarine warfare, air-to-air combat, surface-to-air combat, and search and rescue," said AT2 (AW) Steve Murdock, HSL-41 avionics technician.
There are two methods of on-loading or off-loading material, the vertical replenishments (VERTREP) and connected replenishments (CONREP).
This new configuration gives the helicopter the freedom to participate in vertical replenishments, humanitarian assistance in disaster scenarios, communications relay, special forces support and antisubmarine warfare.
After the requisitions are verified the AMMOs will identify and coordinate a sourcing plan that best meets the ships schedule, either from shore weapons stations, cross decks, or vertical replenishments.
We are also responsible for helicopter operations, anchoring, small boat operations, LCAC, LCU and AAV operations, underway replenishments and vertical replenishments with an extremely undermanned Deck Department.
In addition to more frequent vertical replenishments (now weekly), you can count on getting your hi-pri material as it arrives in Bahrain, thanks to the CVW's most utilitarian asset - the carrier onboard delivery (COD).
1960's Supply Corps introduces cutting edge technology such as automation of supply functions and vertical replenishments of ships by helicopter