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VVVice Versa
VVVillage Vanguard (jazz club: in Greenwich Village, New York, NY)
VVVibo Valentia (postcode, Italy)
VVValó Világ (Hungarian TV show)
VVVillage Voice (newspaper)
VVVägverket (Swedish National Road Administration)
VVVittorio Veneto (Italian city)
VVVenae (Veins)
VVVince Vaughn (actor)
VVVerification & Validation
VVVisual Verification
VVVaricose Veins
VVVivenda (Portuguese: house; postal usage)
VVVertical Velocity (amusement park ride)
VVVacuum Volume
VVVelocity Vector
VVVino Vitae (St Louis, MO wine retailer)
VVVibovalentia (Italy)
VVValue Village (Seattle, WA)
VVVertical Visibility
VVVineyard Vines (Stamford, CT clothing retailer)
VVVile Village (Lemony Snicket)
VVVictoria Vesna (media artist)
VVVenture Voice
VVVoice Verify
VVVirtual Vault (computer security)
VVVery Virulent (disease)
VVVal Venis (WWE wrestler)
VVVenous Volume
VVVíctor Valdés (Spanish soccer player)
VVVision Vancouver
VVVertical Transmit, Vertical Receive (antenna polarization)
VVVoetbalverenging (Dutch: Football Club)
VVVapor Volume
VVViernes Verde (Guatemala rock band)
VVVirgo Vestalis (Latin: Vergin Vestal, epigraphy)
VVVerbesserungs-Vorschlag (German: Suggestion for Improvement)
VVVai e Volta (Portugese)
VVVisiting Vehicle
VVVideo Victory
VVViolence and Vengeance (gaming)
VVVelogenic Viscerotropic (strain of Newcastle Disease virus)
VVVeronaville (Neighborhood in the Sims 2 computer game)
VVVines Vikings (Texas high school)
VVVocoded Voice (type of Frequency Shift Keying)
VVViewPort Vivarium (Edstrom Industries animal research software product)
VVNavy Composite Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1920s to 1950s)
VVVenus Vitrix (Latin: Venus the Winner, epigraphy)
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Figure 21: Vertical velocity distribution [v.sub.z] [m/s] in liquid phase for bubble rising stage from Fig.
Instantaneous vertical velocity ([[PSI].sub.c]) at a point located at the center of the gap (i.e., at D/2 and L/2.) is normalized by the maximum vertical velocity at the same location ([[PSI].sub.c] =[V.sub.y]/[V.sub.max]), where the maximum velocity is the highest velocity found on the domain at any time.
arrangement was to reduce vertical velocity and create an air curtain that
Probability distribution of vertical velocity from model simulation is presented in Figure 12.
In light of (30), its engineering implementation that relies on the vertical velocity of the bridge, which, however, is unavailable due to the lack of sensors, so that the real-time estimation of the velocity of bridge at the location of the electromagnets is essential.
For non-Newtonian case of the fluid, the vertical velocity and temperature of fluid adjacent to the stretching sheet are evaluated by solving (42) to (44) with the certain boundary conditions of (45).
The r.m.s vertical velocity w at near impermeable surface was seen to monotonically decrease to zero at the boundary.
A greater vertical velocity of the jump was observed as shooting distances increased (p < 0.05).
Figures 6a and 6b show the horizontal and vertical velocity contours, velocity vectors, and streamline in the case of cold weather under steady-state conditions.
Instead, the helo struck the lava field short of the landing zone with little forward airspeed or vertical velocity. The tail rotor and left main mount struck lava rock.
The particle hits the floor at a point in the cycle when the floor's vertical velocity is dropping rapidly to zero, which makes a small change in the phase angle of the impact.