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VVVice Versa
VVVillage Vanguard (jazz club: in Greenwich Village, New York, NY)
VVVibo Valentia (postcode, Italy)
VVValó Világ (Hungarian TV show)
VVVillage Voice (newspaper)
VVVägverket (Swedish National Road Administration)
VVVittorio Veneto (Italian city)
VVVenae (Veins)
VVVince Vaughn (actor)
VVVerification & Validation
VVVisual Verification
VVVaricose Veins
VVVivenda (Portuguese: house; postal usage)
VVVertical Velocity (amusement park ride)
VVVacuum Volume
VVVelocity Vector
VVVino Vitae (St Louis, MO wine retailer)
VVVibovalentia (Italy)
VVValue Village (Seattle, WA)
VVVertical Visibility
VVVineyard Vines (Stamford, CT clothing retailer)
VVVile Village (Lemony Snicket)
VVVictoria Vesna (media artist)
VVVenture Voice
VVVoice Verify
VVVirtual Vault (computer security)
VVVery Virulent (disease)
VVVal Venis (WWE wrestler)
VVVenous Volume
VVVíctor Valdés (Spanish soccer player)
VVVision Vancouver
VVVertical Transmit, Vertical Receive (antenna polarization)
VVVoetbalverenging (Dutch: Football Club)
VVVapor Volume
VVViernes Verde (Guatemala rock band)
VVVirgo Vestalis (Latin: Vergin Vestal, epigraphy)
VVVerbesserungs-Vorschlag (German: Suggestion for Improvement)
VVVai e Volta (Portugese)
VVVisiting Vehicle
VVViolence and Vengeance (gaming)
VVVideo Victory
VVVelogenic Viscerotropic (strain of Newcastle Disease virus)
VVVeronaville (Neighborhood in the Sims 2 computer game)
VVVines Vikings (Texas high school)
VVVocoded Voice (type of Frequency Shift Keying)
VVViewPort Vivarium (Edstrom Industries animal research software product)
VVVenus Vitrix (Latin: Venus the Winner, epigraphy)
VVNavy Composite Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1920s to 1950s)
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The purpose of this study was to confirm relationships between (1) five measures of racquet kinematics, near impact, during the forehand groundstroke (hitting zone length, racquet head impact angle, racquet trajectory before impact (relative to horizontal), and racquet horizontal and vertical velocity before impact) and (2) two response variables (forehand groundstroke accuracy and ball TAV).
Vertical cross sections of radar reflectivity (dBZ; color shading), storm-relative wind vectors, vertical velocity (m [s.
Different vertical velocity distribution laws are used to describe stream-wise velocity structure in coastal currents (Soulsby, 1980; Anwar, 1996, 1998; De Serio and Mossa, 2014), in tidal channels (Soulsby and Dyer, 1981), and on the continental shelf (Soulsby, 1983; De Serio and Mossa, 2010).
Along Line B, temperature and vertical velocity profiles behave similarly to those along Line A (cf.
In addition, as shown in Equation (7), one distinguishing feature of the proposed control is that the command value does not require information about the sprung motion and that the control is performed using only the vertical velocity of the unsprung mass.
For the retort equipped with the previous gas inlet structure, the vertical velocity of gas flow in part B was weaker than that in parts A and C, while the flow distribution in part A was similar to that in part C as these parts are similar in structure.
In light of (30), its engineering implementation that relies on the vertical velocity of the bridge, which, however, is unavailable due to the lack of sensors, so that the real-time estimation of the velocity of bridge at the location of the electromagnets is essential.
Figure 9 shows the instantaneous relations between the vertical velocity fluctuations (v') and the pressure fluctuations (p') in the cavity shear layer at x = 0.
A single display might show a moving map while cruising to aid in navigation, but automatically switch to a landing display showing altitude, vertical velocity, as well as forward and lateral speed (drift) when the aircraft's speed drops below 50 knots.
Results of pre-post measurements of both groups which are Vertical jump from stability, Long jump from stability, 30 m sprint, flying start, High jump,, the height that the jumper raises his MC during the flight (h2), the difference between the maximum height reached by the MC and the height of the crossbar (h3), vertical velocity at the start of take-off phase, vertical velocity at the end of take-off phase, horizontal velocity at the start of take-off phase, horizontal velocity at the end of take-off phase, Maximum knee angle in the takeoff phase, Free leg hip angle at the end of take-off for first group only, Takeoff time) that there are significant differences at 0.