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In Japan, Very Large Aircraft will reach a market size of US$11.5 Thousand by the close of the analysis period.
The current orders from Middle East-based carriers stand at 1,319 aircraft, of which 687 are single-aisle, 409 twin-aisle and 162 very large aircraft.
The aircraft type segment is further categorized into Very Large Aircraft (VLA), Wide Body Aircraft (WB), Narrow Body Aircraft (NB), and Regional Jets (RJ), while the battery chemistry segment is classified into Nickel Cadmium, Lithium, and Others.
In the various size categories the forecast predicts total demand for 1,710 very large aircraft, 6,970 twin aisle wide bodies and 19,520 single aisle aircraft.
Between now and 2019 there will have to be an extra 14,661 aircraft, of which 1,550 will need to be very large aircraft carrying well over 400 passengers.
According to the 2009-2028 Global Market Forecast, there will be a demand for over 1,700 very large aircraft, which can seat more than 400 passengers, over the next 20 years, as well as 6,250 twin-aisle category jetliners and freighters and 17,000 single-aisle jetliners.
It will also cater for very large aircraft such as the Airbus A380.
Airbus predict a market of 1,250 very large aircraft over the next 20 years whilst Boeing says it will be 790.
Margaret Jackson, Qantas Chairman, confirmed that the board had discussed options for both 'very large aircraft and 300-seater aircraft' and that it would be giving the issue further consideration at the November board meeting with a view to completing the evaluation by the end of the year, reported Dow Jones News.
The 896 single-aisle, 353 twin-aisle and 75 very large aircraft (VLA) are forecast to help meet the rising demand from domestic and foreign carriers in Brazil almost tripling the in-service fleet from today s 480 to more than 1320 aircraft by 2032.
Emirates Airline has entered into a deal with Airbus for additional 50 A380 aircraft in order to meet strong demand for very large aircraft in the Middle East.
According to Airbus latest Global Market Forecast (GMF), Latin American airlines will require 2,307 new aircraft between 2013 and 2032, including 1,794 single-aisle, 475 twin-aisle and 38 very large aircraft (VLA) worth an estimated US$292 billion.
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