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VTSVLSI Test Symposium
VTSVessel Traffic Services
VTSVessel Traffic Service (US DoD)
VTSVehicle Tracking Solution (software)
VTSVideo Title Set (DVD)
VTSVirtual Trade Show
VTSVirginia Theological Seminary
VTSVideo Telephony Services
VTSVirtual Tape System
VTSVisual Thinking Strategies (educational curriculum)
VTSValidation Test Suite
VTSVirtual Text to Speech
VTSVideo Title Set
VTSVideo Test System
VTSVideo Transmission Service
VTSVoice Tone Send
VTSVehicule Tres Sportive
VTSVirtual Terrain Software
VTSVirtual Tape Server
VTSVideo Tutorial Service
VTSVocational Training Scheme (various locations)
VTSVertical Test Stand
VTSVirtual Training Suite (software)
VTSVessel Traffic System
VTSVirtual Table Server (software)
VTSVeterans Transportation Service (US VA)
VTSVehicular Technology Society (IEEE)
VTSVideo Test Set (electronics)
VTSVendor to Specify
VTSVisual Tag System (software)
VTSVolatile Total Solid
VTSVirtual Terminal Service
VTSVanishing Twin Syndrome
VTSVeterinary Technician Specialist
VTSVivento Technical Services (German Telekom)
VTSValidation Test Suite (Sun Microsystems)
VTSVertical Test System
VTSVideo Telephony Service
VTSVascular Thoracic Surgery
VTSVideo Teleconferencing Service
VTSVandenberg Tracking Station
VTSVirtual Touch System
VTSVideo Transmission System
VTSVessel Tracking Service
VTSVacuum Thermal Stability
VTSVintage Trailer Supply
VTSVash the Stampede (protagonist of anime series Trigun)
VTSVideo Transmission Service (Sprint)
VTSVertical Tube Storage
VTSVoice Telecommunication(s) System
VTSVacuum Trip Switch
VTSVirtual Time Stamp
VTSVoice Teleconferencing System
VTSVirtual Tape System/Server
VTSViewfinder Tracking System
VTSVerification Test Site
VTSVulcan Training System
VTSValid Transmission Sequence
VTSVisiting Technicians Services, Inc.
VTSVoice Telephone System (FAA)
VTSVibration Test Stand
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The officials of Vessel Traffic Service Directorate closed the services of transit ships from North to South bidirectional at 01:30 a.
Downbound vessels: Check in with Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River (call sign "New Orleans Traffic") no lower than the Huey P.
In addition, the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) operators traveled abroad to acquire advanced training and certification by respective authorities in the UK in the field of VTS, called V103 ?
The transcript revealed that an anonymous crewmember, aboard the Sewol, kept talking to two different Vessel Traffic Service Centres at Jeju and Jindo, as the ship sank on Wednesday morning, the CNN reports.
Tanker shipping lanes are continually monitored by the US Coast Guard's Vessel Traffic Service to allow for safe travel through Prince William Sound.
Cokaliong said there is a need to install a Vessel Traffic Monitoring System (VTMS) or a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) along the channels leading to the Cebu port.
Rene de Vries hammered away at the fact that he wants to maintain the vessel traffic service at the same high level, even though the safety figures are good and there are fewer ships.
Like any vessel traffic service, Naval VTS is a traffic-monitoring system designed to provide support to mariners in busy waterways where risks are deemed greatest.
The second grant of $428,010 will fund the cost of goods and services for a feasibility study of the proposed Vessel Traffic Service and Integrated Port Community Information System Services at the Port of Aqaba
For example, on February 25, Lockheed Martin (Syracuse, NY) got the green light from the US Coast Guard to begin installing its Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) surveillance systems in New York harbor and the Texas ports of Houston, Galveston, and Port Arthur.
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