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VFATVolunteer for a Teacher (Crayons to Computers)
VFATVirtual File Allocation Table
VFATVirtual Festival of Aerobatics Teams
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Likewise, VFAT and the respective GRS (GRS_HDL-c and GRS_TG) had a higher impact on HDL-c, with 9% ([PC.sup.2] = 0.09) and 6% ([PC.sup.2] = 0.06), respectively, as well as on TG concentrations, with 20% ([PC.sup.2] = 0.20) and 7% ([PC.sup.2] = 0.07), respectively.
No significant differences appeared in the impact of SSRI use according to gender for LBMI, height z scores, or VFat. However, males had a significantly greater increase in BMI and FMI z scores, compared with females, over a longer period of SSRI use, a finding that deserves additional study, Dr.