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VDLVolcanic Destruction Level
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In Annex-5 of ITU-R M.184-1, the VHF data link protocols for maritime mobile services are described along with a time division multiple access (TDMA) frame structure to achieve high data-rate maritime applications.
The new VHF Data Link station will help ARINC to meet growing demand for its GLOBALinkSM/VHF service.
The Swedavia data communication system--based on VHF Data Link (VDL)-Mode 4 technology--also supplied the same information to the ground controllers using Raytheon displays in the operational CNS/ATM system at Ulan Bator International Airport.
American Airlines' flight 9599, a Boeing 767-300ER, equipped with Rockwell Collins avionics, conducted CPDLC exchanges with the operational sectors of the Eurocontrol Upper Area Control Centre in Maastricht, via the ARINC VHF Data Link (VDL) Mode 2 network over the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN).
ARINC will support Harris by providing integration and engineering services for the air-ground, ground-ground, and avionics domains as subject matter experts in networking, protocols, and VHF Data Link. ARINC will maximize its partnerships with 85% of the domestic airline market to encourage early adoption of avionics equipage that meets requirements for data communications.
The Iris Precursor partnership will upgrade SwiftBroadband to meet the demanding standards set for ground-based VHF data links. This will enable Single European Skies ATM Research (SESAR) flight management concepts, where flight plans can be continually updated during flight to maintain an optimal trajectory to destination.