ViCLASViolent Crime Linkage Analysis System (Canada)
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The blurb about the National Sex Offender Registry mentions two other systems CPIC and ViCLAS. ViCLAS is the Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System (
"Access to Information and Privacy Legislation: The disclosure of the ViCLAS booklet as a result of a request as per the Access to Information and Privacy Legislation has been and remains a concern.
Still, by the end of January 1996 ViCLAS had turned up 389 links among more than 10,000 homicides, sexual assaults and abductions in Canada.
Likewise, police officers cannot give out the information they get from the RCMP's CPIC or ViCLAS (Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System) computer systems.
Gardai believe he is the only one involved after pinpointing him through Viclas (Violent Crime Linkage and Analysis System).
It is called ViCLAS, which stands for Violent-Crime Linkage Analysis System.
ViCLAS was developed by co-operative efforts between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ontario Provincial Police, benefitting from research projects and related programs conducted in the United States.