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Using the above derivation process, we can obtain a 3D equation of motion for the rigid plate and vibration absorber system. As for the frequency responses in the system, we assume that {[Z.sub.Z], [[theta].sub.X], [[theta].sub.Y], [[theta].sub.Z], [Z.sub.B], [[theta].sub.B]} = {[[bar.Z].sub.Z][e.sup.i[omega]t], [[bar.[theta].sub.X] [e.sup.i[omega]t], [[bar.[theta]].sub.Y] [e.sup.i[omega]t], [[bar.[theta]].sub.Z] [e.sup.i[omega]t], [[bar.Z].sub.B] [e.sup.i[omega]t], [[bar.[theta]].sub.B] [e.sup.i[omega]t]} and that the external force and moment are {[F.sub.Z](t), [M.sub.B](t)} = {[[bar.F].sub.Z] [e.sup.i[omega]t], [[bar.M].sub.B] [e.sup.i[omega]t]}.
The above derivation process produced the equation of motion for the rigid plate and vibration absorber system. The equation of motion for the rigid plate without the HDBVA can be obtained by eliminating the terms of the HDBVA in the theoretical model.
Parker, "Vibration modes and natural frequency veering in three-dimensional, cyclically symmetric centrifugal pendulum vibration absorber systems," Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, vol.