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VDVVerband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen
VDVRafael van der Vaart (Dutch footballer)
VDVVozdushno-Desantnye Voyska (Russian Federation Airborne Forces)
VDVVacuum Delay Valve
VDVVibration Dose Value
VDVVlaamse Diabetes Vereniging (Dutch: Flemish Diabetes Association; Gent, Belgium)
VDVVoice Data Video
VDVVerband Deutscher Vermessungsingenieure eV (Germany)
VDVVirtual Disaster Viewer (ImageCat, Inc.)
VDVVista Data Vision (Iceland)
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Standard/EU Lower Upper Directive Boundary--EAV Boundary--ELV ISO/ANSI 0.45 m/[s.sup.2] 0.90 m/[s.sup.2] EUGPG 0.50 m/[s.sup.2] 1.15 m/[s.sup.2] Table 2--Health guidance caution zone limit in vibration dose value. Standard/EU Lower Upper Directive Boundary--EAV Boundary--ELV ISO/ANSI 8.2 m/[s.sup.1.75] 16 m/[s.sup.1.75] EUGPG 9.1 m/[s.sup.1.75] 21 m/[s.sup.1.75]
[11.] Horste, K, "Objective Measurement of Automatic Transmission Shift Feel Using Vibration Dose Value," SAE Technical Paper 951373, 1995, doi: 10.4271/951373.
For the ramp velocity profile, the driveability measures show that the jerk, Vibration dose values, kick and responses time are satisfactory for the convoy.
Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, ANOVA = analysis of variance, ISO = International Organization for Standardization, MTS = material testing system, ODOF = one-degree-of-freedom, PSD = power spectral density, SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers, TDOF = two-degree-of-freedom, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VAPHS = VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, VDV = vibration dose value, WBV = whole-body vibration, WC = wheelchair, WRC = WC road course.
* a daily exposure limit value of 1.15 m/[s.sup.2] (or, at the choice of the EC Member State, a vibration dose value of 21 m/[s.sup.1.75]).
In a wheelchair study with a similar obstacle course [14], accelerations were analyzed by means of a vibration dose value (VDV).