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VFBVerein Für Bewegungsspiele (German: Club for Movement/Exercise Games, i.e. Sports Club)
VFBVolunteer Fire Brigade
VFBVoltage Feedback
VFBVirtual Frame Buffer
VFBVibration Feedback
VFBVideo Frame Buffer (computer memory)
VFBVirginia Farm Bureau
VFBVerband Freier Berufe (German: Association of Liberal Professions; est. 1951)
VFBFighter Bombing Plane (US Navy)
VFBVerein Für Ballsport (Club for Ball Sports)
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The Lumino Visual Timer was created by Parker and Keaton Duwelius of Naperville and is designed to display the passage of time through visual and vibration feedback.
Apart from these, the update also brings vibration feedback to One UI's navigation gestures.
Isolation cab mounting plus seat air-suspension safeguard against machine vibration feedback to the operator.
It's the result of a combination of incredibly crisp controls, superb aural and vibration feedback with every shot and hit, and great weapon design.
These components include from NAND flash memory and the motors used for vibration feedback in devices like the Switch's controllers.
The app then prompts the user to carry out specific actions, illuminating different regions of the screen as required, and provides visual, audible or vibration feedback to confirm the successful completion of each step.
It learns the wearers breathing pattern, compares it to other biometrics such as heart rate, and provides vibration feedback if the wearer is not breathing calmly and steadily.
Many routine devices are haptic enabled such as smartphone dial pads, tablets, and gaming consoles which offer touch vibration feedback to the user; it also allows the users to know that their inputs have been recorded successfully.
Features include color display with battery indicator and menu-based interface; visual, audible, headphones and/or display, vibration feedback; return cable connectivity detection; and automated self-diagnostics.
They could use zippers and keys, and - thanks to vibration feedback at the base of the prosthetic - they could pick up objects like grapes and eggs without crushing them.
Applications include general laboratory vibration testing, automotive and aerospace testing, vibration testing/monitoring of large equipment, energy, rotating equipment, turbines, consumer electronics and shaker table vibration feedback.
It used TouchSense technology from Immersion to provide complex vibration feedback, which was nestled in the Logitech line of iFeel mice.