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VRVirtual Reality
VRVery Respectfully (closing salutation)
VRVisual Reality
VRVibration Reduction (Nikon)
VRVibration Reduction (Nikon camera technology)
VRVerona (Italy)
VRVocational Rehabilitation
VRVideo Recorder
VRVirgin Racing (Formula One racing team)
VRVoice Recognition
VRVacation Rentals
VRVelvet Revolver (band)
VRVital Records
VRVoltage Regulator
VRVelocity Relative
VRValid Reason
VRVictorian Railways (former government owned railway of the state of Victoria in Australia)
VRVideo Relay
VRVooray (apparel)
VRVerwaltungsrat (German: Board of Directors)
VRVoter Registration
VRVariable Resistor
VRRotation Speed (aviation)
VRVoice Response
VRVideo Rentals
VRVoltage Reference
VRVocationally Registered (doctors; Australia)
VRVentricular Tachycardia
VRVéhicule Récréatif (French: Recreational Vehicle)
VRVirtual Router
VRVascular Resistance
VRVertical Resolution
VRVista Ready (software)
VRVacation Resort
VRVolume Reduction
VRVictoria Regina (Queen Victoria)
VRVanilloid Receptor
VRTransport Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1958)
VRVolunteer Reserve (RAF)
VRFleet Logistics Support Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1976 to present)
VRVirtual Reconstruction
VRVariable Reward (incentive)
VRVeiligheidsrapport (Dutch: Safety Report)
VRValve-Regulated (battery)
VRVoluntary Redundancy
VRVisiting Researcher
VRVoltage Relay
VRVisual Route
VRVendor Relations
VRVoltage Rectifier
VRValtion Rautatiet (Railways of Finland)
VRVoyage Repair
VRVacuum Residue
VRVitrinite Reflectance
VRVasomotor Rhinitis
VRAir Transport Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1958)
VRVerb Root
VRVulnerability Report
VRVocal Resonance
VRVisit Request
VRVoluntary Restraint
VRVulnerability Reduction
VRVirtual Repository
VRVertical Rescue
VRVariability Reduction
VRVertical Riser (telephone systems grounding)
VRUrbs Roma (Latin: City of Rome, epigraphy)
VRFleet Tactical Support Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1958 to 1976)
VRVirtual Recorder
VRV Rotate
VRHeading to A Radial
VRVFR Military Training Route
VRVariability Ratio
VRVehicle Representative
VRVirtual Radiography
VRVoltage Regulating Transformer
VRVelocity Rotate (aviation)
VRVertical Replication
VRVisa Revocation (US immigration)
VRFleet Logistic Air Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1958)
VRVentilation and Radiation
VRVolksbanken Raffeisenbanken
VRVital Resolution (gaming team)
VRVane Rate
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Comparison and Selection of Vibration Reduction Materials.
The first phase of the project determined that significant performance improvements--such as vibration reduction and extended fatigue life--could be achieved with minimal weight penalties.
Table 8 presents vibration reduction effects of another series of foundations with the same rectangular-base dimensions, while the height of the foundation increased gradually.
This feature and VR (Vibration Reduction) technology realise easier measurement to even farther and smaller subjects.
The device sports a 3.2-inch vari-angle LCD screen, features lens-shift vibration reduction and its ISO range goes from 80 to 3200.
The Vib~X vibration reduction system is the heart of the Diamondback VX and makes shooting a smoothdrawing, short, quiet bow a realistic goal.
In addition, several companies are now building vibration reduction and quieting devices directly into their bows, and these are proving very effective.
Moreover, the vibration reduction is considerably higher for vertical vibrations and maintains constant upwards the building, keeping thus higher vibration rates on the upper floors.
Nikon Vision Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, is pleased to announce the release of COOLSHOT 80i VR and COOLSHOT 80 VR Laser Rangefinders the innovative Laser Rangefinder models employing an optical VR (Vibration Reduction) function.
There's also second generation Vibration Reduction built into the lens that is supposed to allow 4 stops worth of hand holding.
Molded into the middle of the gel is a steel rod that extends past the end of the stabilizer where weights are attached to provide inertia both for stabilizing the bow while aiming and for vibration reduction. The purpose of the weights is simple: a body at rest tends to remain at rest.
However, the function integration of structure and vibration reduction and the functional-integration design on structure have not been well considered as yet.