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VICVictoria (State of Australia)
VICVictim (police slang)
VICVoice Interface Card (Cisco)
VICVoluntary Investigation and Cleanup
VICVirtual Interactive Center (Knoxville, Tennessee)
VICVicoden (pain killing drug)
VICVisitor Information Center
VICVirginia Intermont College (Bristol, Virginia)
VICVariable Infiltration Capacity
VICVirtual Information Center (APAN)
VICVictory Field (Indianapolis Baseball Field)
VICVehicle Information Center
VICVienna International Center
VICVideo Interface Chip (Commodore computer)
VICVery Important Customer
VICVideo Interface Controller
VICVoting Information Center
VICVery Important Client
VICVirtual Innovation Center (IBM)
VICVisual Information Center
VICVirtual Information Centre (ICICI, India)
VICVector Interrupt Controller
VICVector In Commander
VICVirtual Information Channel
VICVector in Command
VICVisual Interactive Code
VICVehicle Identification Code
VICVehicle In-Commission
VICVirtual Individual Combatant
VICVideo Image Compression
VICVirus Indexing Centre (Sri Lanka)
VICVast Interface Change
VICVariable Instruction Computer
VICVision Institute of Canada
VICVehicle Internal Communications
ViCVagueness in Communication (workshop)
VICVector Incoherent Channel
VICVisibility of In-transit Cargo
VICVisibility of Information Cargo
VICVariable Initial Condition
VICVirtual Intelligent Component
ViCVariation in Conversation Project (The Ohio State University)
VICVeterans in Christ (Dublin, GA)
VICVideo Image Capture (software)
VICVirtual Imaging Corporation (Illionis)
VICVirtual Irish Community (resource; Ireland)
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Paul suddenly remembered that he had been delegated to mark Keeble, who was renowned for his prowess in the air, and he shot off to find Vic leaving Wor Jackie unmarked to head home the flag-kick.
In the '70s, Vic was 'rediscovered' by younger filmmakers like Ishmael Bernal, Mike de Leon.
The team at Vic Young are so welcoming and friendly, it has a real family atmosphere which enables our students to instantly feel settled and part of the team.
Vic was then taken to a hospital, where he had X-rays done, and found he had pneumonia.
Speaking for the first time since the health scare Vic, 57, said he suffered pains in his chest during Bob's illness.
Vic is no stranger to live performances: in March, 2015, he hosted Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV.
The TV host shared Vic merely showed her the engagement ring, asking, "You like it?
Marty asked, spouting rehearsed lines, and Vic said it was an invitation for Mr Antonio to get a piece of the action in a dockside racket that would make millions for the "boys on both sides of the pond".
Vic, 56, revealed the moon landing on July 20, 1969, was a huge moment in his life.
The remaining firms operate with VIC out of the research park in Fayetteville.