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Currently Chair of ATA's Insurance Task Force, Long received the position after having served as ATA's Vice President at large and State Vice President, as well as a member of multiple committees for the organization, for more than 15 years.
8, taking the post of vice president at large. His departure follows both a record Pulitzer sweep for the paper, which won six prizes in April, as well as the recent buyouts of more than 100 newsroom staffers.
Other officers include Dwight Segraves, vice president of sales and marketing at Premier Staffing, vice president of programs and president-elect; Sandy Magness, owner of Magness Realty & Property Management, vice president of membership; Cheryl Davis, sales manager at HubbleMitchell & Associates Inc., vice president of education; Wayne Richie, chief executive officer of Coldwell Banker Advantage Realty, vice president at large; and Ginny Edwards, president of The Generation Products Co., vice president of finance.
Vice President at Large: George Boy-adjis, Cresa Partners LLC.
vice president at large, a title also held by his predecessor as editor, Ben Bradlee.
Downie's departure, which will include his taking the position of vice president at large, comes at a bittersweet time for him and the paper.
Schrader has held a series of influential positions with FEI, starting with the New York City Chapter, where he was membership chair, a director and later chapter president; as chair of FEI's Ethics & Eligibility Committee in 2001-2, as the scandals at Enron, Worldcom and other companies were breaking; Area Director for the North Atlantic Area; and then rotation into the Office of the Chair, beginning with Vice President at Large in 2004-5 and Vice Chair last year.
As a rule, new members to the OOC come in at the Vice President at Large level and rotate upward annually to Vice Chair and then Chair.
Post vice president at large Ben Bradlee facetiously told of WPWG's origins.
FEI Service: Pittsburgh Chapter, where he's held various leadership positions including past Chapter President; Founding President in 1982 of the English-speaking Chapter of FEI Venezuela; Area Vice President for North Central, 2000-02, and the newly elected Vice President at Large and a member of the Office of the Chairman.
He's too busy." Among Bradlee's current activities is serving as vice president at large of the Post newspaper.
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