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Vickers hardness was calculated by measuring the diagonal one and two distances and analyzed by the micro hardness software on the tester machine.
where [DELTA][sigma] = [sigma] - [[sigma].sub.b], [DELTA]H[V.sub.[sigma]] = H[V.sub.[sigma]] - H[V.sub.b], [sigma] is the stress at any point along the direction of crack propagation, [[sigma].sub.b] is the corrected stress value of the applied stress, HV is the Vickers hardness at any point along the direction of the crack propagation, H[V.sub.b] is the Vickers hardness of stress-free area, and [k.sub.const] is a constant of proportionality, equal to -10 in the present study.
Suzuki, "Influence of light irradiation on Vickers hardness of dual-cure cement polymerized under restorations," Dental Materials Journal, vol.
For example, in 1962, the Knoop hardness values for stainless steel files reported by Craig and Peyton ranged from 525-565.10 In 1996, Brockhurst and Denholm reported significant differences in microhardness between endodontic files from two different manufacturers.8 In their study, the Vickers hardness range was from 400 to 651 VHN, falling below the hardness required for cutting instruments (550-650 VHN).
When the OD depth is defined as Vickers hardness 500HV or higher, it is approximately 12.5 [micro]m.
Correlation between nanoindentation test results and Vickers hardness, IMECO TC3, TC5 and TC22 Conf., Metrology in Modern Context, Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand, 171-174.
It should be emphasised that the increase in hardness values which were obtained in the present study were not significant and the increase was extremely small (less than 1 Vickers hardness number [VHN]) and not of any practical importance.
Microindentation and scratch tests were performed, respectively, with a Vickers hardness testing machine and scratch test.
For Vickers hardness determination, the indentations were made using a pyramidal diamond indenter (Mitutoyo, MHV H-2) with an applied load of 200g.
These results are summarised in Figure 2; hardness values have been averaged across the wheel tread (excluding the flange area) and have been converted to Vickers hardness for comparison with other results presented later.